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Subject: (en) BBB Pies head of the Sierra Club
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Biotic Baking Brigade Strikes Again

San Francisco - The Biotic Baking Brigade (BBB) generously delivered a
cappuccino cream pie to Sierra Club (SC) President Carl Pope this
morning at the Club's annual Board of Directors meeting in downtown San
Agent Key Lime of the BBB served up this treat to the SC's "cappuccino
environmentalist" president with the announcement, "Hey Carl, this is
for Headwaters," and then vanished from the third floor of the office
without a trace. Agent Key Lime gently achieved full facial contact,
thereby successfully completing "Operation Carl's Comeuppance."

"Carl Pope's unconscionable behavior has made him the Benedict Arnold of
the SC, betraying the interests of founder John Muir, SC members, and
the environment. The BBB tried and pied Pope for the following crimes:
his political influence to save the Headwaters Sellout Deal from defeat
in the California legislature and endorsing the 'Habitat Conservation
Plan' scam; supporting the disastrous and unpopular Quincy Library Bill
in the form of a recent legislative rider, a plan which is opposed by
every responsible environmentalist in the nation; siding with
multinational timber corporation Weyerhaeuser by supporting fraudulent
land swaps in
Washington state and Arkansas; and most importantly, for accepting
multi-million dollar gifts for the Club while refusing to disclose to
the Board who made them and the strings that may be attached. Where's
the money
coming from, Carl? The grassroots environmental movement says, 'Let
justice be served!' " commented Agent Apple of the BBB.

The General Command of the Biotic Baking Brigade--Ecotopia Cell
(GC/BBB--EC) met in emergency session this morning at Boysenberry
Prairie, and issued the following statement: "In defense of our
Headquarters and Secret Ovens here in the heart of the Headwaters
forest, we issued a directive to our agents in the Bay Area to deliver a
message to the Sierra Club's Pope: 'HCP this!' Carl Pope has no business
bargaining away wilderness that he hasn't even been to. We speak pie to
power, and send this message to his other corporate enviro cronies as
well." The HCP referred to by the GC/BBB--EC stands for Habitat
Conservation Plan, which some environmentalists and social justice
activists claim represents "Huge Corporate Profits" instead.

"Operation Carl's Comeuppance" concludes the sixth successful BBB
mission in the last five weeks. Previous recipients of the BBB's just
desserts include Charles Hurwitz (CEO, MAXXAM Co., parent company of
Lumber), Milton Friedman (Nobel Laureate neoliberal economist), Robert
Shapiro (CEO, Monsanto Co.), Renato Ruggiero (Director General, World
Trade Organization), San Francisco Supervisor Gavin Newsom, and SF Mayor
Willie Brown.

"The BBB is a movement rather than a group. We have no members, though
there is an underground network of militant bakers who provide us with
nothing but the best vegan and organic pies. The focus of the current
pastry 'uprising' is to hold corporate crooks and their lackeys in
government and the non-profit sector accountable. Our track record shows
that unlike them, we don't just promise pie in the sky, we deliver"
concluded Agent Apple.

This action is dedicated to the work and inspiration of a certain
musician, who wrote the following lyrics for a song about Sierra Club
founder John Muir: "If he could see the pollution now, he'd settle for
compromise/It's too bad the Sierra Club waters down his legacy
straightening corporate bigwigs' ties." 

"Never doubt that a small and dedicated group of people with pies can
change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

--Subcommandante Tofutti of the GC/BBB--EC, after Margaret Mead.

For Immediate Release: Nov. 14, 1998
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