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> I am a single mother.
> At present, I and my children are a recent addition to the growing homeless.

Welcome to HPN, and may you all find a home soon.

> ...I have learned a lot about
> mankind, our government, and what does and does not work in aide and
> prevention. As result, I have every intention of becoming a developer and
> director of one of the next successful homeless organizations.

Any advice, HPNers?

Please detail your plans, single mother.  What will be your organization's
mission and projects?  Will you incorporate, perhaps, as a business or a

>The 1st rule of thumb, I have found is to keep
> the government out of it. Most privately formed organizations do the best
> work and have greater success at attacking the problem. The solution is very
> doable.

Please give us examples of where government programs fail homeless people,
or where nonprofit, business or personal self-help or mutual-aid efforts

Do private efforts get more "bang for the buck" than government programs in
preventing or ending homelessness?  Can you cite and compare
cost-per-person-housed as evidence?

> ...I believe by people taking a more
> hands-on approach to the problems affecting their communities, the more
> exposure will result of Government mismanagement of funds. They don't truly
> work to abolish poverty and its afflictions. It has served too long as a
> that hides deep pockets.

Of organizations that address homeless people's needs or wants, which do
you think is the best organization?  The worst?  Why?

> ....Neighbors helping neighbors will prove to do much
> more at abolishing homelessness and hunger with grossly less funding than the
> government ever dared speak of!....

How do neighbors help neighbors to reduce or end homelessness, without
involving government?  What's the next step?

Thanks for writing, single mother.  This is a good list for advice from
folks who've "been there" or creating organizations that truly help
homeless people.   Write on! -- Tom
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