San Francisco: Brown's lies & pies FWD

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FWD about PIEing of San Francisco mayor Willie Brown
to protest his "street sweeps" crackdown on homeless people:
Subject: SF:Brown's lies & pies
Author: tyler
Date: 1998/11/13
Forums: ba.politics


        The worst mayor in San Francisco's history, Willie Brown, has
been busy trying to create a police state in San Francisco, the latest
with his mouthpieces on the Board of Supervisors trying to make
pie-tossing a felony, instead of the obvious humorous, misdemeanor that
they are all over the world.  His biggest flunky, Amos Brown, who defends
every single anti-labor, anti-tenant, racist action on the part of his
favorite lickspittle of capitalism, Election Fraud Mayor Willie Brown,
tried to claim Brown could have fallen backwards and had a concussion.
The press clearly stated and the photos showed that Willie Brown fought
back like a 20-year-old streetfighter, changed clothes, and continued
with his day.  We are not dealing with a feeble old man; we are dealing
with a raging hoodlum, who has lied about his progressive past and his
progressive agenda.  Kathleen Cleaver of the Black Panther Party ran
against Willie Brown in 1968 for Assembly on the Peace & Freedom Party
ticket because Willie Brown was nowhere to be found as a leader in the
civil rights movement.  The passage of Brown's bill in 1975 to overturn
the sodomy law in California was simply riding the tide of the gay rights
movement at the time.  He always gave lip service to civil rights while
spending his time becoming a millionaire as a corporate real estate
lawyer, thus robbing the workingclass of our wages in the form of
profits, for that is the only way one becomes a millionaire.

        The pies in the face of the people of San Francisco are many.

        1.  His massive election fraud in every election, including his
own, is the biggest unifying force to make Brown a one-term mayor.  We
voted 70-90% No on D&F, the Stadium Swindle propositions on the June 3,
1997 ballot, an illegal special, low voter turnout property owners'
election. Stadium bonds are routinely opposed by property owners and
stadiums and/or bonds are routinely opposed by women and the gay
community.  All polls showed that the voters opposed this swindle,
starting with 60% No in the beginning of the campaign, and the pace
picked up throughout the campaign.  Bayview voted a majority No on D&F,
yet the registrar had their vote as yes.  The terrorism by the
pollworkers against the voters of San Francisco, many of which
pollworkers were Walden House residents and get-out-the vote workers were
TURF ex-gang members, was worthy of Nazi Germany.  The 49er stadium
swindle is, of course, a theft of the general fund for the benefit of
Brown's Republican friend, Eddie DeBartolo, and for the profits of Union
Pacific railroad, which has land in the area, and which Brown has

        2.  In response to telephone inquiries as to Brown's
globe-trotting, Brown's office is now comparing itself favorably to the
fascist Mayor Giuliani of New York, stating that because of both their
actions, there is more tourism in both cities!  Obviously, no one goes to
either city because of whatever capitalist mouthpiece happens to be
mayor.  Giuliani has a notorious reputation of promoting a police state
terror, including beating up gay and black demonstrators, the police
hurling anti-gay and racist epithets at people, and flooding the streets
of New York with an army of police which specifically target any and all
young people and non-whites. Willie Brown's office is admitting that it
supports Mayor Giuliani's police state!

        3. Brown's DAILY police terror against the homeless and
bicyclists certainly must make fascist Giuliani proud.

        4.  Brown's privatization of the Municipal Railway is a pie in
the face of labor and guarantees that labor will be in the locomotive to
defeat Brown in November 1999.  It is just the latest, and most
outrageous attack on labor.

        5.  Brown's privatization of the public schools was such a big
attack on labor and on the voters of San Francisco that he LOST THE
NOVEMBER 1998 ELECTION, with his flunky school board president, Carlota
Del Portillo, being tossed off the school board because she supported
privatization, and an opponent of privatization, Eddie Chin, being
elected to it.  The school board is now about evenly divided on the issue
of privatizing the schools.  The good Democrat Brown privatized the
schools with a reign of terror as a gift to his Republican friend, Donald
Fisher, who will profit from it.  The Democrats and Republicans work

        6.  The workers at City College went 14 months without a
contract, forcing them to strike, due to Brown's flunkies on the College
Board which refused to sign a union contract.  Labor responded by getting
one of Brown's mouthpieces kicked off the college board in this election,
Andrea Shorter.

        7.  The Hangman's Noose incident at the airport became a subject
of a recent hearing, chaired by the 100% mouthpiece of Brown, Brown #2
aka Amos Brown.  Amos did everything he could to minimize discussion
about the many racist incidents at the airport.  Neither Willie nor Amos
have any interest in fighting racism at all.

        8.  Brown claims that he is a late arrival to the Muni mess, when
in fact he has been an integral part of the Democratic Party machine for
the past 45 years, which has systematically, deliberately and with malice
aforethought, destroyed public transit in San Francisco.  He is one of
the planners of this destruction of public transit, and is now hastening
the privatization of public transit.

        9.  Brown refuses to solve the taxi cab crisis in the only way it
can be solved:  Making taxi cab drivers city employees with full civil
service wages and benefits, have a city-run dispatch service and
eliminate any gate fee.  This would also eliminate any need for tips to
drivers or from drivers to doorpersons or anyone else.  If the only
profits that can be made are taking rich tourists from downtown to the
airport, than taxi cabs are not a profitable business at all.  We need
taxi cabs all over San Francisco, as well as affordable and frequent bus
and train service, and private profit companies cannot provide either.
Brown's only concern is for the tourists, an industry that provides only
low-wage jobs.  Any economy based on tourism is a weak economy.  San
Francisco is a port city, and it is on that basis that the San Francisco
economy should be built.

        10.  The tenants of San Francisco have suffered so much harm from
Willie Brown that they are in the first and largest car behind the
locomotive of the Good-bye Willie Brown Train.  He lied to the tenants
when he supported a tenant's Bill of Rights during his campaign, and then
refused to implement it, including limiting owner move-in evictions, when
taking office.  It was only after the tenants went to the expense of
putting Prop. G on the ballot, with its likely win, that he had his
flunky Board pass a watered-down version of same, near the end of his
three-year reign of terror as mayor.  TENANTS NOW HAVE TO PAY FOR BONDS,
thanks to Willie Brown, who had his flunky Board pass such viciously
anti-tenant and anti-workingclass legislation in the Spring of 1998, so
his fellow crooks could try to shove another bond swindle, with its
accompanying environmental destruction, the DeYoung Museum bonds and the
Pave the Park proposals.  The bonds failed but Pave the Park continues,
both at Golden Gate Park and at Candlestick, the latter being actively
supported by State Senator John Burton's bill, which was hastened through
the assembly by Assemblyperson Carole Migden.

        11.  It is due primarily to the tenant vote, as well as the gay
vote, that pro-tenant supervisor, Tom Ammiano, was elected Board of
Supervisors President, defeating Willie Brown's favorite candidate, Mabel
Teng, a Chamber of Commerce, anti-tenant candidate.  Thus, Brown LOST THE
ELECTION on the Board of Supervisors as well.

        12.  The attack on freedom of the press is now being carried out
by Fascist Brown with his ped-mount racks which will charge for the
"privilege" of having a newspaper displayed on the streets of San
Francisco.  This is clearly unconstitutional, and the City of San
Francisco now faces an expensive lawsuit because of it.  All case law is
against the City and for the newspapers.

        13.  Brown's stadium swindling crooks and hoodlums have attacked
our right to petition for redress of grievances with their illegal,
anti-free speech attack on the petition to repeal the stadium swindle,
which was very well written.  We, the taxpayers, now have to pay for the
courts to review this illegal decision on the part of a Brown-flunkey
judge which will not allow the registrar to count our 15,000 signatures
to have the repeal put on the ballot.  We taxpayers pay for the City
Attorney, which is spearheading Brown's unconstitutional actions and we
pay for the court system.  This judge also tried to stop our perfectly
valid lawsuit to expose the massive election fraud in San Francisco, and
that issue is also now on appeal.   All of this is explained at:
        The legal aspects are also found at:

        14.  The contempt for women on the part of womanizing, gutter
mentality Willie Brown is worthy of any pimp, but not of a mayor.  He is
notorious for looking down the blouses of the women working in his
office; he systematically hires young women in short skirts to prance
around his office; he hired whores to wiggle their pathetic bodies at the
opera house re-opening; this 64-year-old man has girlfriends young enough
to be his daughter, among many other anti-women actions.  His latest is
that he is considered one of the 10 best-dressed people according to that
vicious anti-women publication, Playboy.  No mayor has any business being
listed in Playboy for anything, nor being a fashion model, which Brown
often is.  This is the conduct of trash, not of a mayor.  If one reads
the biography, Willie Brown by James Richardson, it is clear that Brown
came from the anti-women gambling world, and has remained in it.  That
world is the world of the gutter, and is viciously anti-labor.  It is
always at the service of capitalism, as Willie Brown has been all his
adult life.  One cannot serve both labor and capital.

        It is the sense of betrayal on the part of the East side which
voted for him that has angered so many in San Francisco and guarantees
that he is a one-term mayor.  The West side property owners never voted
for him and never will.  It also means the long overdue end of the
Democratic Party machine, which by definition, is fascism, and its
accompanying election fraud.


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