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hey as far as i am concerned, thjudge nelson's order sux in my eyes....its
the spaish inquisition
all over again in my eyes w/assistant da harry dorfman playing the role of
the kosher pig. HARRY DORFMAN IS A
SHONDA FOR THE GOYIM(yiddish for disgrace to the jews who would serve
hitler better)
Pie-tossers plead not guilty - goosh themselves

                By Rachel Gordon
                and Eric Brazil
                OF THE EXAMINER STAFF

                Defiantly unapologetic, two men and a woman who
                threw pies into Mayor Brown's face, pleaded not
                guilty on Friday  then pied themselves at a
                post-plea press conference.

                Over the vehement objection of Assistant District
                Attorney Harry Dorfman, visiting Municipal Judge
                George Nelson allowed the defendants to remain free
                on their own recognizance until their trial on Jan. 8.

                Nelson said none of the three appeared to pose a risk
                to the public.

                "Who else will be assaulted?" Dorfman asked. "I
                cannot tell you for certain, (but) we are concerned
                about other people who might be targeted."

                Rahula Janowski, 27, and Gerard Livernois, 34, both
                of San Francisco, and Justin Gross, 27, of Berkeley,
                are charged with battery and assaulting a public

                They had been free on $5,000 bail each since their
                arrest after their pie-throwing attack on the mayor
                Saturday. The judge exonerated their bail.

                But before doing so, he obtained assurances from the
                defendants that they would refrain from any
                pie-throwing activities until the conclusion of their

                "And that includes any conspiracy with any other
                parties to commit such an act," the judge said. "I do
                not want my ruling in any way to be considered as
                taking this matter lightly. It is a serious matter."

                San Francisco police indicated shortly after the arrest
                of Janowski, Livernois and Gross that they might be
                charged with felonies. But District Attorney Terence
Hallinan decided
                instead to charge them with what he called "serious
misdemeanors" and
                indicated that he would seek jail time for them.

                The three defendants were issued stay-away orders to steer
clear of the

                Katya Komisaruk, attorney for Janowski, said there was zero
chance that
                the defendants would skip town or defy the judge's
admonition if they were
                released on their own recognizance. Theirs was "a political
act," she said,
                and all three are looking forward to their day in court.

                Janowski appeared in court with her right arm in a sling.
Her clavicle was
                broken during her apprehension that followed the pie attack
on the mayor.

                At a post-trial press conference on the courthouse steps,
the three
                defendants insisted that hitting Brown with a pie was a
righteous action.

                Brown was targeted, they said, because of policies he has
initiated which
                they deem inimical to the homeless.

                Asked whether she had any regrets, Janowski said: "I'm
incredibly sorry
                that my clavicle is broken."

                Before their court appearance Friday, the three defendants
had indicated
                that they would announce their next pie-throwing targets at
a press
                conference afterward.

                After they left the courtroom, they produced pies and
smashed them into
                each others' faces.

                Janowski, Livernois and Gross belong to an activist group
that calls itself
                the Biotic Baking Brigade, which advocates tossing pies at
famous people
                to draw attention to social causes.

                San Francisco Supervisor Gavin Newsom was an earlier target
of the

                If the defendants are convicted of the assault and battery
charges, they
                could receive jail sentences.

                Police originally arrested a fourth suspect, Jeffrey
Larson, 29, of San
                Francisco, after the mayor was pied, but charges were
dropped because
                Larson was only photographing the event.

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