Re: Some comments (on PLACE & a sense of belonging)

Tom Boland (
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 20:00:27 -0400

Tedrico wrote (while commenting on Virginia's moving poem "PLACE"):

>Although I've been off the streets for 16 months, come Sunday,
>and will try my very best to stay off the streets, I still don't feel I
>have that sense of PLACE, because I live with 3 generations of relatives
>and it's not my house, and the hick town that it's rooted in, is no
>where near my choice of places to make my home in.

Ted, I can relate.  When younger, I lived in small towns myself.

There I was surrounded by people who seemed different from me.  They seemed
to have no clue about such traumas and adventures as I'd had, homeless on
the steets of big cities.

In short, hardly anyone I knew in these small towns seemed to share my
sensibilities about life.  I was not only _homeless_, I also felt I did not
_belong_ there, but was out of "PLACE".

Virginia, thanks for sending your poem to HPNers.

Write on, folks! -- Tom
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