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    Go to my client site located at:

    and look at the map there to see where I'm located with respect to 
the state as a whole, or, go to my web design/promo business page 
located at:

    and scroll down to the bottom and you'll see a map of northeastern 
North Carolina's roanoke chowan river valley region. I doubt you'll 
recognize any of those towns because they are all extremely rural, as is 
the majority of eastern carolina. North Carolina is more noteworthy for 
it's Tri-Ad & Triangle Park regions which consists of Greensboro, 
Charlotte, Raliegh, Durham, Chapel Hill, & Winston Salem. Even the 
western side of Carolina (Asheville, Boone, Hickoryville) is far more 
developed for a mountainous region, than eastern & coastal Carolina will 
ever be. Nuff Said!


Tedrico Latham

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>So then what is in Rich Square -- other than a square?  Where is this 
>located anyway?  I never heard of it, which does not mean anything, but 
>did grow up across the ridge in east tennessee --
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