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Theodore Latham (
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 14:01:44 PST


     Great Job on the poem. Had you not already received a Voice of the 
Homless Award, you certainly would have for this masterpiece! I've been 
to Cheyenne ... and it's about 60 times bigger than Rich Square! What 
does that tell you about Rich Square? :)


Tedrico Latham

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----------- (Virginia Sellner) wrote:
>Subject: Re: Some comments
>Thanks Tedrico I did write the poem, but it is based on a speech that 
>Karnas, Jr. gave when he was Director of the National Coalition for the
>Homeless.  I wanted to publish a bit about his speech and could find no
>other way to do it than to put it into that poem.  So I wrote the poem, 
>based on something else.
>Move to Wyoming!!  Of course Wyoming is just a hick state!! and small 
>Thanks again.
>Virginia Sellner
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