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Below is a forward of a survey which may be of interest to you and 
others you may know.

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-------Forwarded survey-------


Susan Stefan is writing a book about
discrimination against people with diagnoses
or labels of psychiatric disability. She
would like to learn more about the
perspectives and experiences of people who
have these diagnoses and labels. Please take
a few minutes to fill out this form. As you
can see, it is anonymous, and it will help
her a great deal. 

Please return the survey to:

Susan Stefan 
U. of Miami School of Law 
P.O. Box 248087 
Coral Gables, Florida 33124-8087

Or e-mail it to: sstefan@law.miami.edu

Thank you very much.


1. Do you believe you have a disability?

____ Yes ______ No

1a. How would you define or describe "having
a disability?"

2. Do you believe that other people regard
you as having a disability?

____Yes ______ No

3. Do you believe that you have a physical
or mental impairment?

____Yes _______ No

3a. If yes, does the impairment
substantially limit you in one or more major
life activities?

____Yes ______ No

3b. If you answered yes to 3a, please

4. Are you vulnerable to abuse because you
have or are perceived as having a disability?

________ Yes _______ No

If yes, explain and/or give examples.

5. Have you ever been discriminated against?

____Yes ______ No

4a. If yes, please check all the categories
that apply:

______ Housing 
______ Access to Stores, Movies, etc.
______ Access to Medical Care 
______ How people treated you
______ Employment 
______ Courtroom situations
______ Insurance 
______ Institutional settings
______ Education 
______ Other (specify below)

5. Did you feel as though you were
discriminated against because of

______ race 
______ religion
______ sex 
______ sexual preference
______ age 
______ psychiatric disability or
perceived disability
______ physical disability

or because of a combination of one or more
of the above? _______

6. In what areas of your life have you
experienced the worst discrimination?

7. Please give examples of the worst
discrimination you have encountered

8. Please explain how you felt afterward,
for how long this effect lasted, and what
impact it had on the way you lived your life
after that.

9. What do you think is the best thing that
can be done to make sure these kinds of
things don't keep happening?

10. Do you think the Americans with
Disabilities Act can prevent these things
from happening to people?

____ Yes _____ No 

______ Yes, if...

11. Do you know anyone who sued or was sued
under the Americans with Disabilities Act?

____Yes _____ No

If yes, what was the case about? What

12. Do you feel part of the community where
you live? Why or why not?

13. I am writing a book about
discrimination, law, and psychiatric
disability, including perceptions of
psychiatric disability. What do you want to
know about that I should include? that I
should include?

14. What do you want other people to know
about psychiatric disability, perceptions of
psychiatric disability, discrimination, or
law that I should include?

May I quote from your responses to this
survey in my book? The quote would be
anonymous. Unless you want me to use
initials, I will simply number all the
survey responses, and cite to the response
by its number.

_________ Yes you may quote from this.

_________ I would like you to use my
initials, which are ______

_________ I prefer you cite to the survey by
its number.


-------End of forward-------

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