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Subject: Streetkids in Victoria, British Columbia.

Hi! I have started the recall campaign here in Victoria.
 One of the messages that I recieved asked if there was any NGO's or
programs available for the street kids. I explained that most of the
organizations that deal with youth were mostly government or government
 Most of the street kids tend to avoid these facilities because they are
government sponsored.
 One of the pet projects that I have been working on is trying to open a
24 hour resource center for people in need. We would be open to help
people in crisis, by being able to get them help when it is needed.
  We must first look after the 3 basic needs of a person, food, shelter
and clothing, then we care start to work on the rest of their concerns.
One of the reason government facilities are so unpopular is
they are open from 8:30-4:30 and there is no care available between those
hours.. If people had a place they could go 24 hours a day and be able to
get results there would not be as amny crisis situations as there is now.
 The one problem is getting the resources and the ability to implement the
plan without all kinds of delays and interference from government
agencies. The B.C. Government has declared sole responsibility for the
treatment of youth and thwarts any outside help from private citizens. I
have been dealing with government and their interference for the last 5
years. I was part of a program in Vancouver that tried to provide the
basics to the children on the street, we were closed down because of
accusations of the theft of monies that did not exist. We also violated
city by-laws when we refused to close our doors and remained open during a
snow storm and cold weather. At the end of it we were told to close our
doors and kick every body out at 11 pm, in the middle of January, when it
was known by city hall that these kids were homeless. We has to comply or
risk losing what little office space we had. That evening as a form of
protest we set up the bedroom at the corner of Smythe & Granville St.s
right across the street from the local McDonalds.. We camped out there for
the next 10 nights. What did we accomplish, very little, it still took
them over 2 years to open a facility for street youth. 
 In the meantime, those of us that had been on the street for a number of
years found several abandoned buildings where we housed well over 60 
people for a couple of months. The owners of one of the buildings came in
and agreed to let us stay until the time came to demolish.
 My question is: Would any of you non-Canadian NGO's come to Canada and
help me try to set up a 24 hour resource center for people in need. I am a
poor person on welfare and have very little funds available, or the means
to solicit for donations. I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!!
 All I am looking for is a way to make a decent living, helping people as
I have been helped. I myself would maintain and keep the office open 24
hrs. a day.
 I have had experience in running an office, the last payed employment I
had was during the last provincial election in 1996. I was the Office
Manager for the Green Party of British Columbia, Greater Victoria
Constituency Office. I was paid $7.00 per week per each of the 7
candidates in the Greater Victoria Office based on demonstrated skills and
abilities. I was working directly under Stephen DeMeulenaere , who was
the Green Party candidate for Victoria-Beacon Hill. He is recieving a cc:
of this email.
 I am 44 y.o. and have been on my own from the age of nine. I have come up
the hard way, I have numerous convictions of theft, break and enter,
fraud, possession of pot charges. My last provincial conviction in 1990,
the federal conviction was in 1986. I have retired. That way of life would
have led me to one place, the cemetary.
 If you would like to support me and can help, send email to this address
or I would like to commence this project as soon as
possible. I also would need your help with all the paperwork involved and
the setting up of the center.
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