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            WIRE:Nov. 11, 8:53 p.m. ET
            Mother who carts daughter on wheelchair is charged   
            AP News Service
            SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) _ A disabled woman who runs errands in
her  motorized wheelchair with her 4-year-old daughter strapped onto her
 lap has been charged with child endangering. 

            Kelly Dillery, 30, who has muscular dystrophy, could be 
fined  $1,000 and given six months in jail if convicted on the  
misdemeanor. She rejected an offer to plead guilty to disorderly  
conduct and accept a suspended fine. 

            ``What's the difference with a parent putting a 4-year-old
child  on a lawn mower with them or on a bicycle,'' her lawyer, Linda
Van  Tine, asked Wednesday. ``I have to wonder why the charges were 
brought up.''  

            Police said Ms. Dillery was charged because they were 
concerned  that she was riding in the street with her daughter. 

            ``She's so low she's very difficult to see at times,'' said  
Robert Runner, an assistant police chief.  

            Ms. Dillery said she often takes her daughter, Kelsi, to the 
 playground, library or grocery store in the wheelchair. They try to  
travel on sidewalks but are sometimes forced into the street, she  said. 

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