Re: College Football Players Charged In Homeless Man's Murder FWD

Wolfie =^..^= (
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 16:36:51 -0800

>Tom Boland wrote:Butte College athletic director Mike Liddell said he was
``devastated >for

> the kids, the man that got killed and the families.''

Why is he devestated for those "kids"???? Because their precious, promising lives
are now ruined? This reminds me so much of the Matthew Shepard incident (another
one of my pet tolerance). Certain groups in our society are singled out
as being less than human (the homeless,other ethnic groups, gays, prostitutes, the
mentally ill, etc) and to kill them is much less of a crime than if you killed a
white, heterosexual person. It just makes me sick. Those "kids" deserve no sympathy
whatsoever and I bet that they are going to be out of prison in 5-10, with the
requisite time off for good behavior. I study crime, forensics and pathology a lot.
Fascinates me to no end. I am convinced that had the Green River killer been
targeting middle to upper class white women, he would have been caught long ago! I
used to see homeless people get beat up all the time, usally the older men by ones and skinheads (neo nazis). I always did what I could to
intervene, but as a young girl, it was hard and scary. However, I never let my fear
stop me from doing whatever I felt I could such as screaming, and trying to attract
attention from others around the area. The cops were useless. Wouldn't help even if
they were around. The most common occourence I would witness is homeless men being
robbed! I mean, these guys already have so little and some punks are taking their
shoes and coats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sickening. Sometimes I wonder if
our society has degraded to the point where it is unredeemable.

a very jaded wolfie