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=46WD Re: San Francisco "Homeless Sweeps" protest [Mayor Brown PIED]
=46or Immediate Release: Nov. 11, 1998

CONTACT:  Biotic Baking Brigade via e-mail at
Attorneys Katya Komisaruk (510/420-0210) and Kim Malcheski (415/647-2797)


San Francisco - The Biotic Baking Brigade (BBB) will hold a press
conference on the steps of the Hall of Justice Friday, November 11, at 10
A.M. to discuss the issues surrounding the Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom
pie incident.  The press conference will take place after the 9:00 A.M.
arraignment of Justin Gross, Rahula Janowski, and Jeffry Larson, who have
been accused of pieing Mayor Willie Brown.  The fourth accused pieman,
Gerard Livernois will be arraigned Thursday morning November 12th.

On Saturday November 7th, while kicking off the Third Annual Great Sweep,
Mayor Willie Brown received three pies in the face from the Biotic Baking
Brigade. "The Biotic Baking Brigade pied Mayor Willie Brown in order to
expose this event for what it is: the start of the 'Great Homeless Sweep.'
The Mayor's 'San Francisco Cares' program is designed to drive homeless
people out of key tourist and commercial districts, and last night the
homeless sweeps began. Ex-mayor Frank Jordan's 'Matrix' program lives on,
only now with a spin-doctored smiley face," said Agent Apple of the BBB

The four defendants were each initially charged with felony assault on a
public official and felony conspiracy.  However, on November 10th, the
District Attorney's office, announced that the defendants would be charged
with misdemeanor assault on a public official and misdemeanor battery,
charges that carry a maximum sentence of a year in jail.

In addition to being available to members of the press for questions, the
Biotic Baking Brigade intends to announce their next targets at the close
of the press conference.

"We wonder why the four people accused of pieing Mayor Brown were being
charged with two felonies in a 'three-strikes-you're-out' state, while
corporate criminals walk the streets with impunity. We wonder why the woman
who was viciously assaulted by Mayor Brown's apparent bodyguard was put
behind bars after suffering from a broken collar bone, while her attacker
has not been charged. Yet again, justice has clearly not been served, which
is why the BBB dishes up delicious mischief in the first place" said Agent
Apple. "Besides, Willie should thank us for our consideration in picking a
good day to pie when he wasn't wearing his trademark fedora hat and Brioni

The defendants are represented by attorneys Katya Komisaruk and Kim Malchesk=

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