Re: Raleigh, NC Bans Sleeping in Moore, Nash Squares Downtown FWD
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 20:46:56 EST

Too damn bad that Raleigh's and Wake County's elected officials don't know
what the hell is going on at the "Overflow Shelter".  According to information
provided to the state, the shelter currently operates (on a part-time,
seasonal basis) on a budget of over $300,000.  Unfortunately, no one at the
City knows where the hell the money goes.  The roof at this "fabulous shelter
that solves the community's homeless problems" leaks like a sieve, with no
plans to make repairs to keep out the elements.  Moreover, the City charges
homeless people a substantial amount of money to stay there (over $124,000 of
the shelter's total budget in 1998 came from "resident fees").  Yet when the
city applied to the state for emergency shelter grant funds, what did they
want to do with the money?? Certainly not fix the roof, or the plumbing, or
provide a decent environment comparable to what homeless animals enjoy in our
state.  Oh no, they wanted to by COMPUTERS so that they can figure out what
the hell they can do with all the money they receive.  So don't believe for a
minute that any of the Council members or County commissioners give a damn.
They are poverty pimps extrodinaire.  Meanwhile, North Carolina treats
homeless people with less dignity than what we give to homeless animals or
prisoners, for that matter.  Why do we not house those who have committed no
crime, when we spare no expense to house those who have committed crimes??