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Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 13:30:45 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Will you VOTE?  Why or why not?

Confessions of an anarchist voter

I voted the other day, as I have tried to vote every time I could.  The
first few years when I became an activist, I totally rejected voting and
the electoral system for many of the reasons that have been mentioned in
this discussion.  I do not believe that it is an either/or kind of thing
but rather a both/and strategy.  Perhaps I feel this way because I have
come to voting age in California when propositions like 187 attacking
immigrants played center stage during the election season, or 226 attacking
union participation in formal politics, or 206 rolling back the struggle
for affirmative action and racial justice, or 227 undermining immigrant
rights through denial of bilingual education.  The organizing that has
taken place against these measures and the political powers that support
these measures has been crucial.  Crucial because it is movement that
brings together multiracial, multilingual, multiclass, multigenerational,
coalitions that have also displayed strong feminist politics.  As an
anarchist, as an organizer, my time should be spent organizing against
these attacks, as trying to get out the vote on these issues is also
mobilizing reistance to racism, xenophobia, classism and sexism.  Movements
are built in many ways and through many strategies - most of the people who
do serious organizing around these kinds of electoral issues are some of
the coolest radicals around.
	We can also potential bring organizing styles and tactics into
these kinds of campaigns that will be useful - as well as push harder to
generate strong, vivible, campaigns that are feminist, pro-queer,
pro-union, pro-immigrant rights, and demand economic and social justice.
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