(FWD) Free University - AJ's Antipsychiatry Course

Graeme Bacque (gbacque@idirect.com)
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 17:06:22 -0500

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  My name is A.J. Rhomer and I am a member of People Against Coercive
Treatment (P.A.C.T.) affiliated with Support Coalition International.

  One of my upcoming projects on behalf of P.A.C.T. is to teach a course
on resisting psychiatric oppression. The entire series will be entitled
Smashing The Psychiatric State: Authoritarian Repression of B.A.D.,
O.D.D. People.

This course is going to be taught at the Anarchist Free School in
Toronto, located at the Community Cafe. It will begin with the
historical connections between psychiatry and fascism, explore
alternative treatments including self-help and nutrition, the dangers of
meds, psychiatry as a tool to repress dissent, and many other topics.

  I hope to have the course running by February or March of 1999, but in
order to do so we need books and/or funding. On a separate page, please
note my "wish list of books" needed for the course, extra copies are all
welcome. I also need to pay for photocopying, computer paper, sticker
paper, rent for the space, and so on. No sum is too great, no amount is
too small to not be accepted in the spirit of solidarity.

  If sending a cheque or money order, please make payable to "Glenda D.
Mcrath". P.A.C.T. does not have a bank account. Send any donations of
funds or books to the address below. All contributions will be

Glenda D. Mcrath
4 Hepbourne Street
M6H 1H8


Broken Brains Or  Wounded Hearts, by Ty Colbert
Beyhond Bedlam, by Jeanine Grobe, editor
Cry Of The Invisible, by
Michael Susko, editor
Call Me Crazy, by Irit Shimrat
The Survivor Personality, by Al Siebert
Brain Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry, by Peter Breggin
Recovery & Re-Emergence, by Janet Foner
What's Wrong With Mental Health, by J. Foner & J. Alexander
How To Become A Schizophrenic, by John Modrow
Psychosocial Approaches To Disturbed Persons, by P. Breggin & E.M. Stern

The Heart of Being Helpful, by Peter Breggin
Madness Network News Reader, by Sherri Hirsch et al.
Dr. Caligari's Psychiatric Drugs, by David L. Richman, et al
Why Do I Feel Guilty When..., by Ty Colbert
Peaking Out, by Al Siebert
Challenging The Therapeutic State, Parts 1 & 2, by David Cohen, editor
The War Against Children, by Peter Breggin & Ginger-Ross Breggin
The History of Shock Treatment, by Leonard Roy Frank
Natural Healing For Schizophrenia, by Eva Edelman
Beyond Conflict, by Peter Breggin
Depression And Mania: Friends Or Foes, by Ty Colbert
Mass Murderers In White Coats, by Lenny Lapon
They Say You're Crazy, by Paula Caplan
Toxic Psychiatry, by Peter Breggin
Talking Back to Prozac, by Peter Breggin
And They Call It Help, by Louise Armstrong
Wildest Colts Make The Best Horses, by John Breeding
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, by Hannah Greene
The Last Time I Worse A Dress, ;by Daphne Scholinski w/ J.M. Adams
Toward Empathy: Access To Houses, by Gisela Sartori & Second Opinion
Taking Back The System (video)
Tardive Dyskinesia (video)
"Ten Warning Signs of Normality" (poster), by Janet Foner
Shrink Resistant, by Bonnie Burstow & Don Weitz, editors
Upstairs In The Crazy House, by Pat Capponi