Re: ALERT: Berkeley authorized police overtime for STREET SWEEPS

Tom Boland (
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 22:31:09 -0400

Manfred Theis <> wrote:
>Every time some high-ranking merchant, or city official, or police chief
>decides to crack down on the defenseless, they put out myths of 'sudden

You get the *subtext* which justifies street sweeps exactly, Manfred:

Transients =  Not like us.  Not from here. NO right to be here.  No right
to BE.  Work or starve, bum!

So: Get out of town by sundown!  Or us decent folk will beat you senseless.

Whoever frames the arguments and defines the terms, controls the range of
possible outcomes.

So we must self-define and project our own aims into debates about any
policy which affects us.  We'd best refuse to be framed by exclusionary
conceptions that aim to justify overseers' control of our choices!

-- Tom B
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