Re: Are poor & homeless non-voters satisfied with government

Tom Boland (
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 20:18:23 -0400

FWD to HPN from Derrick Warren <>

i do not believe for a second that the homeless or lower-to-middle class
americans are content with contemporary policy(where contemporary policy
describes harsh socio-economic inequities and a democratic deficit).
campaign reform is a political imperative, if one wants to reclaim any
semblance of participatory democracy.  this will necessarily involve
meticulous codification of what "campaign finance reform" is.  i think
the meaning will be fleshed out in terms of strict limits on individual
contributions, pacs, and special interest lobbying.

in order to be effective, however, a desire for self-determination must be
revived.  it will entail the deep questioning of the implicit and overt
morality of status quo actions and mores.  it will encompass challenging
the notion that government should be operated by those who own the
country, the idea that the state is the shadow cast on society by
business, and the concept of an election as a vain placebo for those with
the resources to drop a piece of paper into a box at a predetermined

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