Re: Need help with sheter start - details please
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 17:14:42 EST

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<< Beth, thanks for your info request to HPN.  It's good to hear a new voice.
 *Please email <> more details on your plans and your work
 with homeless people.
 All of us on the list are currenly or formerly homeless.  Some of us have
 worked in shelters or started homeless-run service and advocacy groups.  So
 more details from you might cull more replies with advice on your plans
 from HPN listmembers.
 Best to you. - Tom >>

Guess more details would be a good start.  I would like to have a place that
treats the homeless like they are humans and not just wharehose them. A place
where a person can feel comfortable and not be afaird of being hurt or robbed.
Our county is rather small so right now we are looking at about 25 beds.  I
mean real beds, not cots not mats on the floors, but real beds with sheets and
blankets, with appox 5 people to a room.  we have looked into an old victorian
hose that is for sell for this purpose.  I alos want people to be able to
bring their pets with them, if they have them and have an area that they can
stay.  so far thats the basics. If anyone is interested in the more far
reaching plans please let me know.