Junior Summit: computer discussions of world issues Nov 15-21 MIT

Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 14:53:31 -0400


Junior Summit: Ambassadors of a New Digital Culture

Masshchusetts Institute of Technology [Cambridge, MA, USA]

MIT's Media Lab is hosting the second Junior Summit, an effort that
connects more than 900 children (ages ten to sixteen) from all over the
world in computer discussions of major world issues affecting children.
These discussions will then culminate in a meeting of select child
ambassadors at MIT the week of November 15-21, 1998. The idea behind the
summit is that children need to participate in global decision-making about
the future and the many social and environmental issues confronting all of
us. The participating children summarize issues addressed in discussions in
reports, which are accessible from the homepage. Topics include how to
prevent homelessness, how to get people to be concerned about the
environment, and how to use technology to improve education, among many
others. Children from wealthy and poor countries alike submitted
applications to participate; those without technical resources were given
opportunities via donated equipment to their local school or other
community center.

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