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San Francisco - The Biotic Baking Brigade (BBB) successfully delivered a
'three strikes and you're out' message to Mayor Willie Brown in the form of
three pies flopped directly in his face. Mayor Brown had just begun to
deliver the opening speech at the 'Great Sweep III" event Saturday morning
at 8:30 A.M., proclaiming "this morning we have something even more
dramatic to talk about...", when three BBB agents tossed tofu cream, mixed
berry, and pumpkin pies, all of which scored a direct hit.

"The Biotic Baking Brigade pied Mayor Willie Brown in order to expose this
event for what it is: the start of the 'Great Homeless Sweep.' The Mayor's
'San Francisco Cares' program is designed to drive homeless people out of
key tourist and commercial districts, and last night the homeless sweeps
began. Ex-mayor Frank Jordan's 'Matrix' program lives on, only now with a
spin-doctored smiley face. It breaks my heart to see San Francisco suffer
the ravages of economic cleansing. The people have tried everything they
could think of to stop the city's cruelty toward the dispossessed, but the
BBB believes that if at first you don't succeed, pie pie again," said Agent

The three pie-slingers were immediately tackled by security and police,
injuring one BBB operative in the process. She has been hospitalized and is
feared to be suffering from a broken clavicle. The BBB will press for
assault charges against the security officer responsible. All three
operatives were last seen being led away by the police.

The entire event was captured on video tape by an unnamed source. Whispered
Media has just aquired video footage of the pie throwing incident and will
make it available to the media for distribution. The footage is on
professional Hi-8 source tape and has excellent color and contrast,
suitable for still pictures.

"With the election of the Democrat Gray Davis as Governor, the SF Bay
Guardian stated that Brown may now be the most powerful politician in the
state. The BBB conducted 'Operation Free Willie' because we believe that
somewhere in the depths of Willie's soul burns the flame of compassion and
justice, and we wanted to free him from the iron grip that corporate
criminals, landlords, and developers have on him. If we fail in this task,
then Slick Willie Brown will be remembered in the same vein as Slick Willie
Clinton: a shuckster for big business and white collar crime who pretends
to believe in democratic values," further commented Agent Apple.

"Operation Free Willie" concludes the 21st Anniversary of International Pie
Week, which was founded by American pieman Aron Kay. This incident marks
the fifth successful pie mission in the last month for the BBB.

Homelessness in The City is in a crisis state. According to the National
Coalition for the Homeless, there are more than 7 homeless persons for
every available shelter bed. Approximately 1,150 people are turned away
from the largest shelters each month. The three largest shelters run
nightly lotteries for beds. Under the Mayor's new "San Francisco Cares"
program, the police will offer shelter to homeless people. If a person
"refuses" the generous help of the SFPD, they will be ticketed for "Quality
of Life" infractions!

The SF Examiner recently quoted Brown as saying, "I'm almost to the point
where I think people should be swept off the streets." ("Mayor's 1,000th
day an earful," Oct. 4, 1998, Page B-1).

Previous recipients of the BBB's delicious mischief include Charles Hurwitz
(CEO, MAXXAM), Milton Friedman (Nobel Laureate neoliberal economist),
Robert Shapiro (CEO, Monsanto), and Renato Ruggiero (Director General,
World Trade Organization), and Gavin Newsom (San Francisco Supervisor).

=46or previous BBB press releases and communiqu=E9s, contact bbb_apple@hotma=

Official Communiqu=E9 from the Bioregional Thrower's Union (BTU):
"More damage can be done with a pie than a musket." --Karl Hess

Where have all the pie-throwers gone? Pies and guts; get them on 'um! The
Biotic Baking Brigade pied Hurwitz, and Deyla Wilson 'gutted' four foul
politicians in an incredible quadruple 'bagging.' Brave warriors have
spoken! Eons ago, your humble writer once pied Bob Dole. We know there are
more warriors of the pie out there. We issue the gauntlet of challenge:
Join the BTU! Put your bioregion on the map! All you need to do is 'bag'
(using pies or any other suitable fluids). Don't be shy, graduate from the
Aron Kay College of Pie-Throwing. Join in with all the fun had at this
year's Round River Rendezvous (RRR). Piss of really important people in the
movement. Win a free pie of your choice at the '99 RRR from the pie-baking
mobile kitchen, Deyla's Delights. Sing 'Apple Pie' with Danny and Robert.
Step up to the plate, don't let your bioregion look like a bunch of old and
in the way liberal fuddy duddies. Throw a pie or join the Sierra Club!
Remember, just bag 'um baby!
Agent Wyrd, BTU

>From the Earth First! Journal, Mabon (Sept.-Oct.), 1998

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