Inst on Homelessness & Housing: Lafayette, LA Dec 8-11 [Sonny

Tom Boland (
Sun, 8 Nov 1998 23:20:39 -0400

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H. C. "Sonny" Covington <>

Sonny just sent us HPNers a very important invitation.
I hope as many of us as possible attend this conference.
Heres a chance for formerly homeless people to advise providers!
So how do we get scholarships, Sonny?

Sonny's invitation bounced as "too long" due to graphics in his
attachments, I think.  I hope he will send the conference registration info
to HPN as text, minus the graphics.  I wanted to send you all ASAP the text
which got through to me:
FWD  Subject: Conference graphic and registration info

You are invited to the Louisiana Institute on Homelessness and Housing in
Lafayette, Louisiana from December 8 -11,  1998.

Formerly homeless that are working in agencies or as advocates are welcome
to come and we will provide scholorships to as many as we can.  We need at
least 18 who are ready and willing to participate in group sessions wth
providers and share "our side of the story".    If you have interest, email
a simple resume to me.  You can also call after lunch this week on our toll
free line 1-877-734-4664.

A scholorship application is in the attachment, any questions?

H. C. Sonny Covington  at  I CAN America
125 S. Buchanan Street - Lafayette, LA  70501
(318) 235-7005  Fax 318-235-7602