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Tom Boland (
Sun, 8 Nov 1998 22:11:49 -0400

Flower Child, thanks for forwarding Butterfly Bills's comments.

Butterfly Bill wrote [originally to Rainbow Family list]:

>I never went to the Sally in Austin unless it was unbearable both cold
>and rain ...  I definitely preferred Duncan Park or the
>jungle by the MP tracks to the shelter.

During my travels and years on the street, I also avoided shelters.  One
concern for me is that I want personal choices, and so I don't like being
bossed, especially by people who feel better than me.

>And yes, they were VERY paranoid and chickenshit about anything that had
>anything to do with liquor. They had to be.

True at shelters, just as we have to be careful about alcohol at A-camp or
inside the Rainbow Gathering gate.  Where alcohol freely flows, trouble
comes more often.

At Bread & Jams, the homeless-run Center in Cambridge, MA, we ask drunk
people to leave until they're sober.  It was one of the first rules we
consensed -- for ourselves and our homeless peers -  when we formed in

Bread & Jams' "Self-Advocacy Center for Homeless People" is located in
Harvard Square, Cambridge at 1151 Massachusets Avenue [Old Cambridge
Baptist Church].

Our free Sunday vegi-feast is served from  5-7PM.  From November through
April, we eat inside at 1191 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, near the
Porter Square T-stop [St James's Church, enter through parking lot entrance
via Beech Street].

>From May through October, we serve outdoors Sundays 5-7PM on Cambridge
Common.  Bring your musical instruments and your hearts.

-- Tom Boland

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