Re: Did I VOTE? Why or why not?

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Subject: Re: Did I VOTE? Why or why not?

>I, too, voted on Tuesday.  Overheard the pollsters
>saying that they were going to run out of ballots, they
>were unprepared for the turnout.  I voted because I feel
>it is my responsibility as a citizen in a "free"
>country, knowing that thousands (if not millions) have
>died trying to earn the right that so many of us take
>for granted.  Again, I believe that exercising our
>rights is the only way to keep them.  Not voting is
>saying that it's ok for others to decide how to run my
>country.  I was not happy with the outcome, Ohio got
>mostly Republicans put in office, but at least I gave
>the Democrats (and a few Independents) a fighting
>chance.  This was a big year in Ohio, even though it was
>a non-Presidential year.  We voted on Governor, Attorney
>General, Senators, Representatives, Supreme Court
>justices, pretty much everything except President.  So I
>felt that I should voice my opinion, instead of sitting
>by and letting others decide how they want to run my
>country.  I can't wait until the government has (and
>uses) the technology to allow electronic voting, on
>everything.  Put every question to the people, issues
>could be decided within minutes, if using the proper