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FWD  Send Workshop PROPOSALS to National Conference on Civil Disobedience
     4519 Alton Place N.W./Washington, DC  20016. or Email <>

place in January of 1999,  is currently being planned.  In order to make
this year as successful as last's, we are asking for workshop proposals

What is the National Conference on Civil Disobedience?
Civil Disobedience is an old and effective technique of resistance and
protest which has led many oppressed groups to lasting freedom.  Today,
forms of civil disobedience are being used by many different groups for a
variety of liberation struggles around the world.  It has become timely,
important, and necessary to learn from each other's struggles while
keeping in mind the lessons of those who have fought before us.  The
National Conference on Civil Disobedience envisions coordinating a dialog
between many different activist groups and providing every activist with
a multitude of tools to bring home, share, and use.

What are the  Workshops?
Although many interesting and useful issues were presented last year at
the conference,  we hope to make this year even better for all those
involved.  There will be two main tracks of the conference this year.
The first track will be "Strategy."  Workshops under this category should
provide useful information for all activists with particular emphasis on
techniques to bring about change.  Last year's workshops such as
"Strategic Nonviolent Action," "What Happens When I get Arrested," and
"How to Radicalize Your Life," are good examples of the strategy track of
the conference.  We hope to expand this section this year and are looking
for interesting proposals.

The second track of workshops will be case specific.  Topics to be
covered at the conference solely rest upon submission of workshop
proposals.  Last year, some case studies involved animal rights, East
Timor, the global environment, bikes, pirate micro-radio, and plowshares
action.  All case studies must clearly explain the issue and provide
information on how to get active in the cause.  Because we expect many
case study proposals, we want to encourage workshop hosts to plan the
greatest education possibilities for the short time permitted.

How do I submit my proposal?
To propose a workshop for the National Conference on Civil Disobedience,
a one to three page abstract of your workshop is needed by September 1st.
 Please submit your name, organization you are representing (if
applicable), full contact information, and a short biography of yourself
and/or your organization.  Workshops are scheduled to be one and a half
hours long so plan workshops accordingly.  You will be notified of the
status of your workshop by the third week in September.  A confirmation
of your availability is needed immediately thereafter.  If your workshop
is selected, travel accommodations will be made for you.

**Only workshops which deal with issues that are committed to nonviolence
will be considered.

Send proposals to
National Conference on Civil Disobedience
4519 Alton Place N.W.
Washington, DC  20016.
or email

to fax your submission you must call Nisha Anand, conference coordinator,
first at (202)-686-7966

Other Information:
Conference to be held in late January at The American University in
Washington DC.

If you would like to get involved in the planning of the conference,
please contact Nisha Anand at the above address.  You may also be
connected to the NCCD-L listserv or put on a mailing list for more

Thank you very much
**please feel free to forward this message.
Nisha Anand
-Conference Coordinator

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