Re: GNN-NEWS Queer Contingent in Free Mumia Philly demo

Bruce Burleson (
Sat, 07 Nov 1998 23:17:09 -0500

Jesse Heiwa wrote:

> The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has rejected Mumia Abu-Jamal's appeal for
> a new trial, despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence.
> Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Ridge has vowed to sign a death warrant for
> Mumia as soon as possible.
>         Mobilize now to stop the state from killing Mumia. He won a stay
> of execution in 1995 after international protests grew in his
> defense--his life will only be saved this time if we build an even larger
> and broader movement.
>         Join a demonstration this Saturday to protest the Pennsylvania
> Supreme Court's decision!--Demand freedom for Mumia!(Mumia is a radical
> journalist who reported unceasingly against police brutality in Philly.
> Speak up against the frame up of Mumia and all activists and victims of
> police brutality!)
> DEMONSTRATE: Saturday November 7, 1998
> Philadelphia, 12 NOON
> N. Broad St. & Spring Garden St. at the State Bldg (near City Hall)


I just got back from this demonstration.  It was GREAT!  About
1,000 people marched past several government buildings in
Philly.  There were no arrests, as far as I know, although the
police did harass one young Black man for allegedly spray-
painting slogans on a building.

Many, many groups were represented at this demo:
Workers World Party, Socialist Workers Party, International
Socialist Organization (a.k.a. Campaign to End the Death
Penalty), Freedom Socialist Party, Revolutionary
Communist Party, MOVE., Communist Party USA,
Socialist Action, Nation of Islam, and of course the
organizers of the event, the International Concerned Friends
of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

The key speaker, who I finally got to meet and
shake hands with, was Pam Africa of MOVE.
There were other speakers, including a minister
from the Nation of Islam.

I was pleased to note that there was little if any
of the sectarian infighting that I am used to
seeing at these kinds of mobilizations.  Activists
from the wide variety of socialist groups I
listed above got along, marched side by side
and there was a spirit of unity and United

There were, as I understand it, also actions
in several other cities.  Would anyone like to
report on those?

I took a number of photos, which I will be
posting to my web site soon.

Bruce Burleson
Communist Party/Young Communist League
Boston, MA