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Fri, 6 Nov 1998 23:34:56 -0400


Justice Department Forgoes Microsoft Trial and Moves Striaght to Sentencing
A BNN News Story-

The U.S. Justice Department today decided to take a bold step in
forwarding the cause of Democracy by skipping over the trial phase of
their anti-trust suit against software baron Bill Gates and the
Microsoft Corporation. Said Janet Reno, "Rather than have a trial we
will be renting out the Seattle King Dome and allowing the American
people to decide the fate of Mr. Gates".

Reno's plan is to set-up applause meters inside the stadium and then
take a poll. The sentencing option with the loudest applause wins. It is
rumored that the Clinton Administration plans to bus in homeless people
and welfare recipients to the sentencing in order to make sure that
non-computer users are fairly represented.

The American people will be able to decide on two sentencing options A)
Set Him Free or B) Crucify Him.

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