Re: ALERT: Toronto Emergency Shelter Occupation of Doctor's

Tom Boland (
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 23:31:26 -0400

>> Hats off to OCAP for your recent building occupation, your nonviolent
>> discipline, and your persistant demands that politicians go beyond
>> sweet-and-tough talk, and fund solutions to homelessness.  What you all do
>> in Toronto inspires homeless activists in many communities.....  -- Tom B

Graeme wrote:
>Thanks, Tom - you do us great honor! I've forwarded your message to OCAP.

When you stand for justice in Toronto, you help people worldwide.  I cannot
_confer_ on you the honor you all _earn_ by risking your freedom and safety
for the sake of people deprived of even the basics to survive.

Your "declare homelessness a national emergency" tactic is getting some
attention!  I think in the USA we need similar declaratons.

As you keep up your "activist antics", and the media lends you its support
for at least a moment, the politicians begin to talk the help-talk, instead
of the hate-talk.  So now the stage is set and the work begins in earnest
-to move their hints to promises, and their promises to deliveries.

Politicians beholden to money will always lag behind what justice requires.
So we had best not wait for the government to secure our aims.   We'd best
prictice mutual aid and self-governing comminity, and experiment far beyond
what the powers-that-be label "possible" and"realistic".

That's why I love my Rainbow Family, with our old hippies and Phishheads
and Vison Circles.  At Gatherings, I _witness_ levels of sharing and
cooperation which most of the shopping-mall set can hardly _imagine_, let
alone credit as sincere and enduring.  Those whom hate pays love when we
doubt love's power.

I think we can only redistribute power and wealth _equitably_ through
nonviolence, lest our tactics merely deliver us from one cruel master to
another.  Means dictate ends, so we must Be The Change we desire.

Seeking peaceful means to homeless peoples' aims. -- Tom

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