Re: ALERT: Toronto Emergency Shelter Occupation of Doctor's

Graeme Bacque (
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 22:11:47 -0500

Thanks, Tom - you do us great honor! I've forwarded your message to OCAP.


Tom Boland wrote:

> Graeme, thanks for your eye-witness update on the Toronto arrests.  Hats
> off to OCAP for your recent building occupation, your nonviolent
> discipline, and your persistant demands that politicians go beyond
> sweet-and-tough talk, and fund solutions to homelessness.  What you all do
> in Toronto inspires homeless activists in many communities.
> The groups that seem really _mobilized_ around homeless civil rights and
> economic justice at this point are Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
> SHARE-WHEEL in Seattle. Food Not Bombs, Kensington Welfare Rights Union in
> Philadelphia, Casa Alianza in Latin America, the Zappatitas in Chiapas,
> Mexico and the Landless Peasant's Movement in Brazil.
> The whole world is watching.  Speak truth to power.  Accept nothing short
> of justice for all.
> Seeking peaceful means to homeless peoples' aims. -- Tom Boland
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