Re: ALERT: Toronto Emergency Shelter Occupation of Doctor's

Tom Boland (
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 22:00:26 -0400

Graeme, thanks for your eye-witness update on the Toronto arrests.  Hats
off to OCAP for your recent building occupation, your nonviolent
discipline, and your persistant demands that politicians go beyond
sweet-and-tough talk, and fund solutions to homelessness.  What you all do
in Toronto inspires homeless activists in many communities.

The groups that seem really _mobilized_ around homeless civil rights and
economic justice at this point are Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
SHARE-WHEEL in Seattle. Food Not Bombs, Kensington Welfare Rights Union in
Philadelphia, Casa Alianza in Latin America, the Zappatitas in Chiapas,
Mexico and the Landless Peasant's Movement in Brazil.

The whole world is watching.  Speak truth to power.  Accept nothing short
of justice for all.

Seeking peaceful means to homeless peoples' aims. -- Tom Boland
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