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The Urban Research Monitor, a useful reference tool developed by HUD USER,
makes it easy for researchers, policymakers, academicians, and other
professionals to keep up with the diverse and ever-expanding literature on
housing and community development. Each issue contains a comprehensive
listing of new research, organized by subject from affordable housing to
zoning, including dozens of recent books, articles, reports, dissertations,
and other publications--with information on where to find them.

Each issue also features a thoughtful essay exploring a cutting-edge issue
or current policy debate. The September/October issue's essay, "State
Welfare Reform Strategies Show Promise," compares two recently released
publications that examine how states are restructuring their welfare systems
to achieve their welfare-to-work goals and the challenges that these changes
present. "Does Work Pay? An Analysis of the Work Incentives under TANF,"
from the Urban Institute, describes welfare policy choices and work
incentives in 12 states through the lens of a theoretical family of three as
it moves from welfare to employment. Another publication from the U.S.
General Accounting Office, "Welfare Reform: States are Restructuring
Programs to Reduce Welfare Dependence," details how different states are
implementing changes to their welfare systems to move recipients from
welfare to work and promote self-sufficiency. Although welfare caseloads
across the country are declining, many welfare to work challenges remain,
particularly for recipients with multiple social or domestic problems.

Urban Research Monitor subscriptions are available for $15 for six bimonthly
issues or $2.50 for a single issue. For more information, visit the HUD USER
web site at:

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