Re: Homeless refuse shelter only because they want to drink & drug?

Wolfie =^..^= (
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 04:41:30 -0800

Oh, and I forgot another thing. I knew many, many homeless who had pets
such as dogs and cats. Of course the shelters wouldn't let pets in, so
they are not about to leave their beloved animals behind! I love animals
and run an animal shelter in my home and I can't blame them. I would
have done the same thing. One of the most touching things I ever
witnessed was a dear man giving all he had earned that day panhandling
to buy his dog food. He went without before that dog did. It also
reminds me of the Humane Society coming around to take the pets because
they couldn't afford to license them.  I actually got into a fight with
one lady who was trying to take a man's dog away. She told him that
homeless people do not deserve pets. At least I was able to chase her
off without her getting the dog! I have witnessed the power of
unconditional love only an animal can give and I know how important that
can be to a person. To deny anyone that basic right is criminal, in my
opinion. Not only to the person but the animal as well. These animals
are cared for better than most average household pets! I believe in this
so strongly that I like to give free pet food to the homeless that have
pets. We just drive around (my husband and I) and when we see someone
with a dog or cat (and I have seen people with rats, ferrets, rabbits
and even a crow!) we give them a sack of food.


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