Re: Homeless refuse shelter only because they want to drink &

Wolfie =^..^= (
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 04:28:12 -0800

Tom Boland wrote:

> The bum myth also justifies "troll-bashing" by police and vigilantes, on
> the assumption that we deserve to be beat

Yes, I have to agree here. When I was homeless, I saw this happen too many times
and I feel like I was a victim of it myself to a degree. There were times I was so
desperate, I resorted to selling my body to survive. I was raped on more than one
occasion and when I tried to get help from the police, they basically laughed and
told me that a whore cannot be raped. I also was told that since I was homeless
scum, they wouldn't lift a finger to help me or any of my friends because we were
just human garbage that needed to be cleaned up.