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Fri, 06 Nov 1998 01:08:12 -0800

Hello! I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Wolfie and I am a 27
yr old female. I joined this list because I have been homeless in the past
and am now interested in helping those who are still homeless, as well as
educating the general public about homelessness. The apathy towards
homelessness bothers me and I want to help people see that they need to be
concerned about this issue because becoming homeless is something that can
happen to ANYONE. No one is immune. Many people are one paycheck away from
homelessness. The circumstances of my own homelessness had to do with an
undiagnosed mental illness. I am currently stable, but am legally disabled.
I struggle with my desire to help make a difference and my limitations due
to my disease. I run an email support group for the mentally ill- mainly
those who suffer from depression, manic depression, personality disorders
and schizophrenia. Anyone interested in joining can email me for more
information. You can also subscribe from my web site. The URL is located in
my sig below. I am working on a page on homelessness and my experience, but
it is not done yet. You can read what I have so far on my web page. 

Because families are defined by love not gender. Because hatred is not a
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