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Fri, 6 Nov 1998 04:02:47 -0400

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There are several ways of looking at the voting question.

1.  voting can be percieved as offering legitimacy to a system that many
feel does not work.

2.  voting is a right that some people feel they should use.

3.  by voting we can attempt, by organizing and campaigning, to effect
public policy initiatives, funding, and law directly.

and now for party affiliation...

1.  affiliation does not necessarily mean that you vote for that party.

2.  splinter party votes can place an unwanted governor in office as
well as unwanted representatives.  as has happened here in new mexico.
our governor gary johnson (republican) got into office by means of the
green party votes pulling away from the democratic ticket, four years
ago.  This also happened in the 3rd congressional district last year in
a special election, in which bill redmond (republican) was elected.  as
well as here in the first congressional district which voted in heather
wilson (republican) 3 times in the last year.
but the splinter votes only pertained to heather wilson in the election
on this last tuesday.  the govenors race did not have a third party
option and they still elected gary.  however the democrats did win in
the third congressional district despite a green party option.

2.  splinter parties offer a way of creating fragmentation within the
current party system and help to push in marginal political issues and
platforms into the two mainstream parties in order to perpetuate and try
to maintain a strict two party system.

3.  political fragmentation of the party system adds fuel of discontent
for the current party system and makes it eventually necessary for
drastic overhauls.  not necessarily changes.

My thoughts on what should be done.
do what the republicans did here and fund the third party.
escept this time in upcoming elections try to pick at the possible
divisions within the republican party.  these usually manifest around
the morality and economic issues.  the easiest one to fuel is the moral
thing.  start division within that pary based on moral issues and try to
create a splinter group.

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