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Thu, 05 Nov 1998 10:26:51 -0600

Howdy all,

I just recently joined the list. 

My name is Comrade P. Odekirk. I'm formerly homeless for 2 years in one of
the most difficult places on earth to be homeless, Riverside California. I
was born and raised in Riverside and survived the me-years of the 1980s

I'm now living in Austin Texas and a co-founder and a full time volunteer
organizer for the Grassroots News Network. The GNN is a coalition of about
125 media and educational groups worldwide. We use the term educational
broadly. We are working with ARCH - Austin Resource Center for the Homeless
and the Homeless Network of Austin and are talking to the House the
Homeless group. We are working on a project to build a microradio station
in Austin and are inclusive of several communities in Austin including
homeless people.

We run the gnnnews news exchange list to help spread news stories on
several issues for the coalition. I've been forwarding news stories on
homelessness to the news list but we need equal representation of the
issues and could use any news items you may come across.

The only guidlelines we ask is that news stories be as original as possible
and be free of copywrite and free of charge.

You can find more information about the GNN on our website at:

Comrade O.

The Grassroots News Network 
Austin, Texas