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Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

I am very excited about the TDRC's (Toronto Disaster Relief Committee)
website, which has just opened (Oct 31, 1998), thanks to Angela Yeung,
PJ Lilley and our friends at

Others had also offered to provide TDRC with a website, but, as Tao
members were already working with TDRC, we chose to go with Tao.

I ask you to forward the TDRC URL to everyone concerned about
homelessness, poverty and housing in Canada.

The HOMEPAGE contents:

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

o About Us
o State of Emergency Declaration
o Booklet on State of Emergency Declaration
o Endorse our call to have all levels of government declare
homelessness a NATIONAL DISASTER

I urge you to click on "Booklet on State of Emergency Declaration"

I downloaded it as a 62k text file. To download as a text file,
click on "save" or "save as", choose the directory where you want
to save it to, and then give it a name with the suffix "txt"
for example "booklet.txt" That way you eliminate all the html stuff.

If you do not have www access, I can email it to you

Booklet on State of Emergency Declaration

State of Emergency Declaration
An Urgent Call For
Emergency Humanitarian Relief
Prevention Measures
Toronto Disaster Relief Committee
October 1998

1. It is Time to Act
2. Emergency Declaration
3. The Scale of the Disaster
4. A Life and Death Situation
5. Our Moral and Legal Obligations
6. Membership: Toronto Disaster Relief Committee
7. Appendix: Fact Sheets

How to contact us?

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee

Cathy Crowe,
168 Bathurst St. Toronto, ON, M5V 2R4
416-703-8480 ext 117 Fax: 416-703-6190

Beric German 416-964-2459

However, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about
the web site etc, contact myself

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee



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