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As political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal sits on death row awaiting a new
death warrant to be signed against him, Paul Cellucci, the Massachusetts
republican candidate for governor and open supporter of the death
penalty, took the stage at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel to celebrate his
victory over democrat Scott Harshbarger. He got a bit of an unexpected

On hand to see to it that this celebration got the proper response that
it deserved, student activists from the Roxbury Community College based
S.O.U.L. (Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation) along with local
anarchists from Food Not Bombs, WRAG (Women's Radical Action Group),
Queer Revolt, and ' We Dare Be Free ' , and socialists from the Workers
World Party and the ISO, managed to mobilize a rather motley group of
protesters to actively disrupt the event and bring attention to the life
and death situation of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Signs and noisemakers were hidden, as protesters strategically placed
themselves around the packed ballroom floor awaiting the live news
broadcast of the Republican celebration. As Cellucci took the stage and
yammered on about tax cuts, low unemployment and actively working to
reinstate the death penalty to "keep the families of Massachusetts safe",
his speech was suddenly halted by high pitched whistle-blowing and chants
of "FREE MUMIA!" (which I am told made it loud and clear on the live
radio and televised coverage) by a small group charging at the stage.  As
this first group of protesters were  tackeled to the ground by undercover
police, from across the room another scuffle ensued between a protester
with a Free Mumia / Anti-Death Penalty sign and a group of surly
republicans. He was forcefully ejected from the event. Each disruption
was captured by swarming media people with cameras.

Press interviews concerning the situation of Mumia Abu-Jamal were given
to all too eager journalists after the event, and all in all the night
should be considered a victory. Unfortunately victory comes with a price.
During the initial melee, an activist from Boston Food Not Bombs was
arrested and is currently being held by the state police. At first they
said that he was being charged with disorderly conduct (a misdemeanor),
but later threatened that he may possibly be charged with an attempted
assault on the governor (for charging the stage). Of course this charge
is complete bullshit, but it may take alot of court time to prove this.
In the meantime he is still in jail, and we are all actively working to
see that he gets released as soon as possible. I will post any new
developments on this situation.

                                            ------ FREE  MUMIA  NOW  !!!

For anyone who doesn't already know, this Saturday, November 7th, in
Philadelphia, there is a massive international demonstration to save the
life of Mumia Abu-Jamal. Meet at the State Office Campus at Broad St. and
Spring Ave. 12:00pm. For those who are unable to attend this
demonstration, local protests in solidarity are greatly encouraged!

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