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=46or Immediate Release: November 4, 1998
CONTACT: Biotic Baking Brigade via e-mail at bbb_apple@hotmail.com

San Francisco - Supervisor Gavin Newsom received a tart indictment of his
politics tonight as the Biotic Baking Brigade (BBB) dished up and served
him two flying pies at his re-election victory party. The incident occurred
at the Balboa Cafe in the Marina District, one of the dozen businesses he

"Operation Never Mind the Ballots" celebrates the 21st Anniversary of
International Pie Week, which was founded by American pieman Aron Kay. BBB
Agents 'Lemon Meringue' and 'After the Fall' approached Newsom as he was
being interviewed outside the party, and let fly with pumpkin and peach
pies, both of which were vegan and organic. Newsom managed to partially
deflect both projectiles: segments of the first hit his cheeks, shirt, and
bounced off his slicked-back hair, while the second splattered past his
outstretched arms and across his upper body. The pie-slingers were
detained, but Newsom declined to press charges.

"Newsom continues to sell out the city to big business, landlords, and
developers as Supervisor. Though he calls himself 'pro-tenant,' he has
consistently recused himself from voting on housing issues because of his
conflict of interest as a real estate owner, except for when he voted last
spring to raise tenant's rates. Newsom's as slick as his hair-do.
Millionaire businessmen who bill themselves as defenders of the common man
deserve to eat some humble pie, and the BBB knows how to dish it up," said
'Apple,' who served as Special Agent-in-Charge of the operation.

The SF Bay Guardian said it best in a recent editorial on the state of the
city: 'The number of working-class people, immigrants, artists, writers,
poets, anarchists, radicals--the kids who would be the next generation of
San Francisco's cultural and political soul--who have left the
city...because of the cost of housing is at a mind-boggling, horrifying,
frightening high....[T]his is a crisis of epic
proportions.' "

"In spite of his lousy business-oriented politics, at least Newsom knows
how to take a pie. Though his associates were a bit crusty about the
incident, Newsom himself took the pies with a smile and refused to press
charges. Perhaps if divested of his obscene wealth and influence, the
Groucho-Marxist inside him would come out," said Field Agent Lemon Meringue.

Previous recipients of the BBB's delicious mischief include Charles Hurwitz
(CEO, MAXXAM), Milton Friedman (Nobel Laureate neoliberal economist),
Robert Shapiro (CEO, Monsanto), and Renato Ruggiero (Director General,
World Trade Organization). ABC News recently reported that the European
Branch of the BBB has targeted media magnate Rupert Murdoch and former
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for their next operations.

=46or information on political pie-throwing, consult the following:

		Website of Belgian pieman Noel Godin, Links to Bill Gates
Pie Incident
		Comprehensive History of American Pie-slinging
		Describes the Hurwitz Pie Incident
		Describes the Friedman Pie Incident
		Describes the Shapiro Pie Incident
		Photos of the Ruggiero Pie Incident

=46or previous BBB press releases and communiques, contact

This action is dedicated to Agent Wyrd of the Bioregional Throwers Union
(he pied Bob Dole in 1979), and his clan, who have recently experienced a
tragedy in their lives; as well as the Katuah EF!ers who survived a
horrible car wreck. Gaia looks after her own, we're glad y'all are still
among us.
Love, the BBB
The pie's the limit/Vive les entarteurs!

'Lo there.
This just in from someone signing himself the Rhymin' Pieman. I haven't made
any changes. No copyright as I understand it. See you soon.

In a nutshell:
World Trade Organisation Director-General Renato 'Rocky' Ruggiero gets lemon
pied at London conference on 'Trade, Investment and the Environment' by
representatives of the Biotic Baking Brigade, (a.k.a People Insurgent
Everywhere, or P.I.E). They cite his ceaseless services to global
exploitation and destruction.
The Build-Up:
The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), a.k.a Chatham House, is
nestled in a discreet, leafy square in the heart of London's West End,
normally the haunt of sleek shoppers and secretaries-of-state whose purring
Mercs await their masters obediently. On Friday October 30th it played host
to a bewildering gathering, for this was the second day of a conference
entitled 'Trade, Investment and the Environment', organised by RIIA,
'supported' by the Guardian newspaper, and sponsored by the following
(...take a deep breath): Imperial Chemical Industries plc (ICI), the
Department for International Development (DFID), the Worldwide Fund for
Nature (WWF), the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
(ICTSD) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI; home of our reptilian
friend Mr. Peter Mandelson). And the price of this unmissable 2 day event?
=A3881.25 for corporates, and a once-in-a-lifetime not-to-be-missed knockdow=
bargain basement =A3440.63 for NGO's.
The keynote speaker to this array of the great and the perhaps not so good
was none other than Renato 'Rocky' Ruggiero, a one-man charisma bypass as
well as outgoing Director-General of the World Trade Organisation. Rocky is
probably one of the most powerful, if little known, men on the face of the
planet, since as the WTO's first boss he has, to paraphrase his own words,
rewritten the rules of the global economy. Those rules now defend the
principles of 'free trade' above those of working conditions, wages and
environmental protection: the WTO is the temple where the mantra of the
markets (ie. profit) is worshipped, and Rocky is its High Priest.
Now Rocky knows that a fairly effective green/social justice coalition
temporarily knackered the MAI, (it may now be inveigled through the WTO); he
also knows that these concerns are a huge hindrance to the continued
imperial progress of his organisation. So, he reasons, if I can co-opt
middle of the road NGO's into a phoney committee that makes them feel like
they're getting somewhere, I will have drawn their sting and driven a handy
wedge between them and more grassrootsy resistance such as that of groups
acting as People's Global Action (PGA). (PGA, for those of you who aren't
aware, came into being in February this year to counter the creeping poison
of the WTO, 'free trade' and corporate rule. PGA actions around the G8/WTO
meetings in May this year were massive and widespread, and included the
overturning of what was widely thought to be our Rocky's very own Merc
during the Geneva leg of the Global Street Party.) This wedge was also
Nestle boss Helmut Maucher's divide-and-rule tactic at the recent Geneva
Business Dialogue, when he drew a line between 'responsible' NGO's with
paid-up members and transparent accounts, and unnamed, unacountable
'activist pressure groups', PGA obviously being uppermost in his obsessively
suspicious corporate head.
The Action:
Anyway, digressions aside, the Chatham House conference was obviously a
perfect opportunity for Rocky to further his plan of spoonfeeding greenwash
to NGO's by giving them a baby chair at the table of power. Little did he
know that as he waxed lyrical (this bit is guesswork!) on the joys of
sustainable economic growth and the gorgeous new world he envisioned of the
world as one huge trade superhighway...little did he know that outside
waited trained representatives of the UK arm of the Biotic Baking Brigade,
a.k.a. People Insurgent Everywhere - P.I.E. for the acronymically challenged
- each armed with an exquisite lemon pie enhanced with the tackiest most
wastefully packaged product known to man: whipped cream in an aerosol. So,
after a hard morning's work schmoozing with reps from UK groups with =A3440.=
to burn, as well as delivering a 20 minute keynote address, the bald-pated,
bespectacled, well-rounded Rocky emerged from the hallowed portals of
Chatham House. Our fearless band of entarteurs (to use the original Belgian
term made famous by Bill Gates-pier Noel Godin) approached him, one hailing
him before he could step off the kerb to reach his chauffeur-driven motor.
'Mr. Ruggiero?' said the pie-handler, feeling desperately for his pie.
'Yes?' said Rocky, his minder stepping between charge and assailant, the
latter still fumbling in a plastic bag for ammunition.
Suddenly out of left field comes a perfectly-aimed pie, striking Rocky on
the left cheek. Again out of nowwhere a second pie scores a second direct
hit. Rocky goes down, shielding himself with a sheaf of documents from the
glare of cameras and the eyes of conference delegates sucking at ciggies on
the pavement.
'Oh my gaad!' shrieks an unidentified American accent, possibly referring to
the nightmare that is the North American Free Trade Agreement.
'That's a present from the dispossessed!' shouts one exultant assailant.
Another achieves full coverage by spreading thick, sickly cream all over
Rocky's sweaty head, reminding him about the Caribbean banana growers likely
to be screwed by the WTO's insistence on favouring chemical-hungry Latin
American growers.
'We are everywhere!' comes another call, before the adrenalised entarteurs
make off into the West End crowds, leaving Rocky to lick his wounds and
mourn his dignity.
The Epilogue:
Reports are not yet in of the atmosphere in the Conference for the rest of
the day. Who can say whether the discussion on 'How can trade and investment
liberalisation and environmental sustainability be reconciled?' saw sense
and decided that "They can't; actually it's all just a plot by corporations
and their economic police force the WTO/World Bank/IMF to spout a little
retractable greenwash, forge a pragmatic alliance with institutionalised
NGO's and carry on pillaging as normal." Who can say? It would be
presumptuous to tar every delegate with the same brush, but certainly until
we unite in the belief that the Rocky's WTO et al are unreformable, we will
never get within pieing distance of the promised land...
Well, the fearsome threesome appear to have escaped to fling and fight
another day. The pieing of Ruggiero completes an unholy trinity of
recipients over the past month: first archfiend economist Milton Friedman
gets the treatment in San Francisco, then Monsatan CEO Bob Shapiro orders a
full facial (also in SF), and now Rocky Ruggiero goes down for the count on
the steps of Chatham House. Could this be the start of a global epidemic of

After all, we are all entarteurs...
The Rhymin' Pieman

> Custard pie aimed in Murdoch's direction
> Tuesday 3 November
> A Belgian group which throws custard pies at prominent figures has
> Australian-born media magnate Rupert Murdoch.
> Fresh from a successful splattering of World Trade Organization chief
> Renato Ruggiero in London on the weekend, the Biotic Baking Brigade says
> Murdoch is also on their hit list.
> The slapstick political group has waged a 25-year campaign to throw
> pies at people with unaccountable power.
> Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is also on their hit list.


November 3, 1998
If the industry can win the public's approval, Arke said, "then we have it
all, and nobody else in the world can say
that." *
BioWorld via NewsEdge Corporation : BRUSSELS, Belgium - Relieved at having
completed the second annual
European Biotechnology Congress without a disruptive incident, the
secretary general of the sponsoring group said
he anticipates the day when Europe's growing industry overcomes political
opposition and surges ahead in the world
"We expected [a terrorist act], absolutely," said Anthony Arke, secretary
general of the European Association for
Bioindustries, which sponsored the meeting, also known as EuropaBio '98.
The group received "several tips" that some kind of terroristic event would
occur, Arke said. Tight but unobtrusive
security at the conference included undercover police.
At last year's conference, Greenpeace dumped two tons of soy in front of
the building where the event was held, as a
protest against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in crop production.
Arke said Greenpeace has "taken Europe
as its action field, that's very clear."
This time, Arke said, he worried about a less peaceful demonstration.
Animal liberation activists have been
particularly aggressive in Belgium, going so far as to burn down buildings,
he said. With 550 registrants, the
congress doubled in size over last year.
The only hint of action against EuropaBio came in the U.S., in the form of
a pie-throwing attack in San Francisco
on Robert Shapiro, chairman and CEO of St. Louis-based Monsanto Co. He had
been scheduled to speak at the
Brussels conference but did not appear, Arke said.
The Biotic Baking Brigade, a Belgian activist group that previously has
targeted Microsoft Corp. magnate Bill Gates,
reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack on Shapiro, which was
carried out with a tofu cream pie meant to
represent Monsanto's genetically modified soybean crops.
Arke, asked whether the attack on Shapiro was intended to send a message to
the EuropaBio conference, said, "I think
 " The only [obstacle] is public acceptance."
If the industry can win the public's approval, Arke said, "then we have it
all, and nobody else in the world can say
that." *
<<BioWorld -- 11/02/98>>
[Copyright 1998, American Health Consultants]

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