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Check this out for a good laugh.

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                   act-ma Peace Events in Massachusetts

I know that this message doesn't directly relate to a peace event taking
place in the Boston area, but I feel this information is urgent for anyone
concerned about the life of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

As most of you probably already know, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
turned down Mumia's request for a re-trial on Friday.  Governor Tom Ridge
will probably hand down a death warrant and set an execution date within
the next few days unless there is a massive, worldwide outcry (as in
1995) to postpone any such actions.

A massive rally is planned for this coming Saturday (Nov. 7th) at 12
Noon in Philadelphia, and everyone concerned about Mumia is encouraged to
try to go to that (for more info call 215-476-8812) or the rallies which
are planned in several other large cities (including New York).  I have
not yet heard any info about a rally in Boston, so if anyone does find out
about that, it might be helpful to post it on this mailing list.

Aside from trying to attend one of these events, one immediate thing you
can all do is call Governor Ridge's office (717-787-2500) or District
Attorney Lynn Abraham's office (215-686-8000) to request that Mr.
Abu-Jamal's life be spared and to call for a re-trial.  This is
important to inform those in power that public opinion is behind Mumia, 
especially since the secretary I spoke to in Gov. Ridge's office today
said she had only received one other call besides mine!

You can also go to for more info about events taking place,
what you can do to help, and for general informaion about the case.

Hope we can all get together to save this man's life!  Make a quick phone
call.  It'll only take a few moments, and won't cost too much.  Remember:
every little bit counts!  Do whatever you can.

Ona Move,

Scott at Emerson

                act-ma Peace Events in Massachusetts
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