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This is a truly frightening spectre... this Red cannot
help but wonder if at some point the choice will
have to be made between peaceful struggle against
right-wingism and armed struggle against fascism.
I hope to God that it will be the former, and not
the latter.

The right-wingers will use the issue of "terrorism",
(even real terrorism that their politics and rhetoric
help fuel, such as the killing of abortion providers)
to argue that the situation is "out of control", and
turn to martial law.

Consider these three realities:  (1) The
Republicans are trying to hound Clinton, and now
Gore, out of office; (2) they may gain a 2/3 veto-
proof majority today; and (3) the world economic
crisis will push ordinarily moderate politicians to
adopt more draconian austerity measures.

A lot is at stake here, folks.  Medicare -- what's
left of it, that is, Social Security, union and civil
rights all hang in the balance.  A vote for the
Republicans is a vote for a slide toward fascism.

I urge everyone to get out the vote this morning,
and stop the Republicans and their fascistic agenda.

Bruce Burleson
Young Communist League of Massachusetts

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US Martial Law Coming? Cohen Predicts Army Will Patrol Streets
Army Times
Staff/Wire Reports

US Defense Secretary Predicts the Army Will Patrol US Streets

"Terrorism is escalating to the point that Americans soon may have to
choose between civil liberties and more intrusive means of protection,"
says Defense Secretary William S. Cohen

The nation's defense chief told the Army Times he once considered the
chilling specter of armored vehicles surrounding civilian hotels or
government buildings to block out terrorists as strictly an overseas

But no longer.

"It could happen here," Cohen said he concluded after 8 months of
studying threats under the Pentagon microscope. Free-lance terrorists
with access to deadly chemical and biological bombs are "going to change
the way in which the American people view security in our own country,"
he predicted in a Sept 10 interview.

Cohen is calling for the government to step up its efforts to penetrate
wildcard terrorist organizations. "It's going to require greater
intelligence on our part -- much greater emphasis on intelligence
gathering capability - more human intelligence, and it's going to take
more technical intelligence," he said.

But using the U.S. military in a domestic law enforcement role would
require revisions to laws in force for more than a century, cautions
Shreveport attorney John Odom, Jr. "You can't do it from the Defense
Department side unless Congress dramatically revises the Posse Comitatus
laws." said Odom, a colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and a reserve
Judge Advocate.

"The 1878 law specifically prohibits the use of the military in domestic
law enforcement unless authorized by Congress or the Constitution and
does not allow for military intervention through action by the Secretary
of Defense of even an Executive Order from the President," Odom said.
We're trained from the first day of Judge Advocate school to think of
Posse Comitatus!!!
said Odom. "If Secretary Cohen is suggesting that the Department of
Defense be involved, it may be part of a legislative package, but it
will not happen unilaterally without a lot of folks thinking long and
hard about it."

Cohen said terrorism would be a top priority in 5 new areas he plans to
focus on now that he has wrapped up his first defense budget, the
quadrennial review of the military and a new 4-year defense strategy.
Other goals include modernizing the military, improving troops housing
and other benefits, streamlining the defense bureaucracy and shaping new
military relationships and contracts across the globe.

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