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"WOMEN ON SKID ROW" "The feminization of skid row is a phenomenon that
has emerged mostly in the last two years, fueled by cutbacks in welfare
benefits, the lingering impact of the recession on low-income working
families and other factors, said experts....A study [for] Los Angeles'
Union Rescue Mission reported a 228% jump from 1995 to 1997 in the
number of nights women requested emergency housing...A 1997 survey of 29 the U.S. Conference of Mayors found that families are the
fastest-growing segment of the homeless population, accounting for 36%
of the total nationwide. The vast majority were single women with
children, although many intact families are finding themselves living on
the streets."  Source: "Skid Row's Changing Face," by Carla Rivera, Los
Angeles Times, 7/28/98. FRAC, (CYF/Nat'l Welfare
Watch/Federal Nutrition Programs Update)


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