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Remona Cowles (remona@portland.quik.com)
Mon, 02 Nov 1998 17:06:23 -0800

The Campaign for Legal Places to Sleep Civil Disobedience action went well in Portland today.
Protesters slumbered on blankets and in sleeping bags along Morrison Av, a busy downtown street on
the Max route from 11:30 until well after 4pm. The police continuosly but unobtrusively watched from
nearby allowing the activists to chant, sing, and give commentary over the loudspeakers without
interference. Homeless folks showed up and spoke to the public about their situations and asked the
public for the right to sleep without being arrested. Several news reporters showed up and filmed
the activities so watch for us if you get any of our local stations.
It is unknown at this time what the next action will be in this campaign. More support is needed as
only 20 to 30 people showed up. We need a stronger turn-out to get the city's attention. 
Sharon Pearson is no longer running the Burnside Cadillac. She has retired turning the paper over to
the capable hands of Mike and Brian. Richard is running the vending department and I will be
returning to once again sell the paper. The paper has a whole new look and I think all the changes
will bring in more readership, thus educating more Portlanders about homelessness and poverty.
I will be speaking with Mike and Brian on Wednesday about contributing some of my time to get the
paper back online as it has been 'under construction' for some monthes now.
Remona Cowles

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Subject: ALERT: Campaign for Legal Places to Sleep/Portland,OR protest Mon Nov 2
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10/29/98 Press Release


For More Information Contact:
Sharon Pearson
Campaign for Legal Places to Sleep (CLPS)
1231 SW Morrison
503-224-3212 or 503-228-5657

The Campaign for Legal Places to Sleep will hold a CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE
action Monday, November 2, in downtown Portland.  Members and supporters
will begin gathering at Firefighter's Park, across from MacDonald's at
Southwest 18th and Alder at 11 a.m.

Members and supporters will lay down on city streets in non-violent
defiance of City Ordinance 14.08.250, the ordinance city police use to fine
and jail homeless people for sleeping on public property.

Sharon Pearson, organizer of CLPS, speaking on behalf of CLPS members and
supporters said, "In the words of Charles Gray from Eugene, we proclaim
that whether the courts consider that the US Constitution protects the
right to have a legal place to sleep, or not, we have proclaimed such a
right.  It is absolutely basic to human life and dignity.  We should not
only proclaim this right, but act on it."

September 9, The Campaign for Legal Places to Sleep presented a letter and
various documents to the Portland City Council in which they demanded that
the council take action to stop arresting homeless people within 30 days,
or CLPS vowed civil disobedience.

"It's simple," Pearson said.  The City Council gave us a timely kiss-off
response letter, and now we have no choice but to risk arrest ourselves, if
we are to show people in Portland just how dehumanizing this ordinance is
toward our homeless brothers and sisters."

"Three attorneys from the National Lawyer's Guild will act as observers
during this action in which we expect the Portland Police will not fire
upon us with bean-bag bullets as they did upon peaceful protesters in
Northeast Portland," Pearson said.

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