Re: Will you VOTE? Why or why not?

g. nelson (
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 11:08:22 -0800 (PST)

On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Graeme Bacque wrote:

> "g. nelson" wrote:
> > I always vote. This election I think it is particularly important to vote
> > because the far right is attempting a coup and if this swing towards the
> > right continues in the US we are in serious and deep shit.
> > I seldom have the luxury of voting *for* someone but we've got some folks
> > here that are genuinely scary. Quite frankly, I'd vote for porky pig
> > rather than one of the numerous religious right candidates on my ballot
> > this time.
> Well, it appears the 'left' in the USA (under Clinton)  has perpetrated
> more wars against other nations than just about any other Amerikkkan
> regime, as well as dramatically increasing poverty within its own
> borders - then proceeded to cover its ass by ruthlessly persecuting the
> victims of its domestic policies. Clinton also passed new regulations
> regarding Federal appeals of death sentences which is likely to send one
> of the U.S.'s most respected activists (Mumia Abu- Jumal)  to his death
> in the near future. 

Hey, Graeme I am not pro-Clinton (who is about as far to the right
as Nixon) and I really loathe this centrist bullshit.
We aren't voting for Clinton in this election; it's a mid-term. We are
voting for a senate and house reps  and a great many local
candidates and issues. In all of these one can see the influence of the
far right and particularly religious conservatives who actually do want a
 I've spent much of my life living in other countries and am very ashamed
by much of our foreign policy. However, even in this area the far-right
and religious conservatives are incredibly scary.  I think that one of
the reasons the right has succeeded in attaining such a position of power
in a nominal democracy is that people have not been voting. This country
*always* swings to the left when more people vote. It always swings to the
right when less people vote.
If you dislike what Clinton has done internationally and domestically just
imagine what Jesse Helms and Newt could get up to. For starters, we would
have a civil war on our hands in 5 years....

> So much for 'left vs. right' - when talking mainstream politics they're
> all the same. Fuck 'em all! All power to the people! 
I believe they are about 80% simular, particularly on a federal level.