Re: Will you VOTE? Why or why not?

g. nelson (
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 11:12:46 -0800 (PST)

God, how could I have forgotten I-200. 
I've been doing everything I can to assure that this piece-of-shit
initative will not pass.
The conservatives are insisting that racial and gender discrimination and
bias are just magically gone.
When one presents just a tiny fraction of the bountiful evidence
illustrating that this is simply not true, I get told to go back to
Sweden's more like it:)
Guess I just don't know my place.


On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, P. Myers wrote:

> No way I *won't!  Gwen said about all of it for me (and said *very well
> *without morning coffee, grrrl!), except for I-200.
> Here in WA state, we are considering rolling back years and years of
> partial success in leveling the playing field for marginalized.  Quotas be
> damned...number crunching of *some kind is necessary, simply because
> institutional racism (in this case, in hiring and education) still exists,
> to an egregious degree.  Affirmative Action is necessary--critical, to
> continuing to keep the door of fairness barely ajar.
> My vote may not sway the decision on this ill-conceived initiative, but
> the percentage by which it wins or loses, and the percentage of electorate
> that care enough to (at the least) drop a marked envelope in a mailbox, is
> so important.
> pat myers
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