Re: Will you VOTE? Why or why not?

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Re: Will you VOTE?  Why or why not?

"Election day in the USA is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3rd.

"If you are eligible to vote in the next election [in the USA or 
elsewhere], will you do so?"

Damned right I will.


The fact is, that I know that the life of my peers and I hangs in the 
balance. The election tomorrow is extremely important here in Vermont, 
especially for who will be Governor and also in the legislative races 
for state representatives and senators from our local towns and cities 
which will determine who will control the House and Senate here in 

I know that my vote and political activism can help make a difference. 

Our lives literally may depend on whether we vote and then whether we 
will remain politically active and viligant after the elections or not 
-- regardless of the outcome of any partculiar election.

Since I have chosen to take an active role in my own life, regardless of 
the circumstances I may face, I have found that it does indeed make one 
hell of a huge difference. It is well worth the effort that I bring to 
it and that I gain support from others in doing.

Voting is just one aspect of that for me.

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