Re: Will you VOTE? Why or why not?

g. nelson (
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 07:51:28 -0800 (PST)

On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Tom Boland wrote:

> Election day in the USA is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3rd.
> If you are eligible to vote in the next election [in the USA or elsewhere],
> will you do so?
> Why or why not?

I always vote. This election I think it is particularly important to vote
because the far right is attempting a coup and if this swing towards the
right continues in the US we are in serious and deep shit.
I seldom have the luxury of voting *for* someone but we've got some folks
here that are genuinely scary. Quite frankly, I'd vote for porky pig
rather than one of the numerous religious right candidates on my ballot
this time.
I would not like to see reproductive rights rolled back (Pat Robertson is
talking about recriminalization of birth control and making it a states
rights issue) and I have a great many concerns about environmental issues.
Poverty issues, which are right at the top of my personal agenda, are once
again not a real election issue although we do have a minimum wage
initative on the ballot here in Washington this time which may very
possibly pass. (It does the right thing and indexes the minimum wage to
inflation.) Likewise, I am absolutely outraged by the lack of health care
in this country. Well, unless a guy needs Viagra in which case both
medicare and the VA will furnish it for *free* at the cost of 50 mil from
the VA and many, many times that from medicare while a great many HMO's do
not provide *birth control*. 

 In order to make poverty issues a real political issue once again we are
going to have to overcome the absolute bullshit the right has been coming
out with for quite some time in economic arguments and also the personal
demonization illustrated so nicely by folks like the Cato Institute and
the Heritage Foundation. 


Please excuse my sentence structure. I have yet to drink  morning

I urge everyone who can to get out there and vote!