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[MADNATION] STUFF: November 2, 1998

November 2, 1998
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A Guide to The Real World Of Federal Funding
including an Action Alert for Consumers, Survivors, Homeless People and 
Supporters by Laura Van Tosh

When HHS and HUD paid researchers to develop papers describing the
knowledge base on homeless services from which best practices and future 
research directions could be derived, they forgot to tell them to 
include the voices of people who had actually been homeless and used 
these services.  So they didn't. How that happened and what it means is 
explained in this series of essays.


If you were wondering what the drug companies were getting for their 
money when they funded the NAMI anti-stigma campaign, then take a look 
at this site.  You can be sure that all the PACT enmeshed individuals 
served by this perversion of the PACT model will be taking lots of them. 
As if

NAMI hadn't formed enough subcorporations--ACTA is a new one.  In case 
ACTA doesn't appeal to you, they have also started a corporation called 

The PACT and ACT teams are sure to become the mental health militia as 
the war on our human rights in the form of outpatient commitment and 
other coercive "treatment" modalities is waged.
The NAMI/TAC word, by the way, for FORCED TREATMENT is assisted 
treatment. Watch for it in a mental health ghetto near you.


In case you want to see the real service principals of PACT, then see 

"Service Principals (from "A Review of Case Management for People Who 
are Homeless: Implications for Practice, Policy, and Research" by Gary 
Morse, Ph.D., in press)

1/Assertive and persistent outreach to meet homeless people on their own 
turf (as well as their own terms)

2/Active assistance to help clients access needed resources

3/Following the client's own self-directed priorities and timing for 

4/Respecting client autonomy

5/Nurturing trust and a therapeutic working alliance

6/Small caseloads for case management staff"

Unfortunately when big money is involved we have no reason to believe 
that the same people who have used these PACT principals and tested the 
model only for voluntary services will stay true to them.  The money 
sure looks good I guess.

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