*Re: Homelessness Marathon co-hosting

Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 07:55:45 -0400

Jeremy Weir Alderson <radio@lightlink.com> wrote Tom Boland of Homeless
People's Network:
>I was hoping that for next year's marathon, I would be able to recreate
>one of my favorite parts of last year's marathon when you and Paul Bodell
>of the San Francisco Coalition for the Homeless stayed up talking with me.
>I'd like to invite the two of you to be co-co-hosts if you're interested.

Jeremy, I'd love to co-host.  What are the logistics? [more comments follow]

>Next year's marathon is going to originate from Philadelphia where it will
>be hosted on the ground (I'll host on the air) by the Kensington Welfare
>Rights Union. You may be familiar with the KWRU. Last year they made what
>they called an "Economic Freedom Bus" tour aruond the country taking
>testimonies from poor people.  With the KWRU's assistance,
>about a third of the marathon will focus on Philadelphia as an example of
>an American city dealing (or not dealing) with the problem of

KWRU does great work, and I posted to HPN many of their updates on the
"Economic Freedom Bus" tour.  I'm subscribed to their announcement list.
They were subscribed to HPN but had to unsub, because 10 posts daily was
too much for their computer, which had many tasks and many users in a busy

Phillie is a good city to highlight on USA homeless issues.  Their City
Council recently passed (by a 17-1? vote] a Sidewalk Behavior bill aimed to
sweep homeless people from the downtown business district.

Such laws have been passed in many USA communities.  We need to name names
about who is pushing the broom on the homeless sweeps.  I'm grateful to
ACLU, which has gotten some of these laws overturned (including in
Massachusetts, where I now live on the edge of poverty and homelessness).

I was homeless in the City of Bortherly love while Rizzo, who later became
mayor, was police chief.  Rizzo's spirit lives unfortunately, and someone
needs to drive a stake in the Vampire's heart.

The UN is a great place for homeless and poor people in the USA to lodge
our concerns.  And so is Amnesty International, especially since this year
AI is focusing on human rights abuses in the USA.  Lets's bring world
opinion to bear on USA politicians and corporations, for their complicity
in the homelessness, civil rights and media monopoly crises at home and

Seeking peaceful means to homeless peoples' aims. -- Tom

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