Homelessness Resource Links Site, TEDRICO'S PAGE, Turns 1 Year Old!

Theodore Latham (tedrico@hotmail.com)
Sun, 01 Nov 1998 22:36:56 PST

Homelessness Resource Links Site, TEDRICO'S PAGE, Turns 1 Year Old!


Nov. 2, 1998

     Despite unforseen changes in web hosting services, and inability to 
leave referral pages in all instances, Homelessness Resource Links web 
site, Tedrico's Page, is proud to announce it's 1 year anniversary. It 
began as a mere personal homepage back on Nov. 2, 1997, consisting of 
only 3 pages: "Big City Homelessness Survival Resources", "About Me", 
and "My Favorite Links". On Mar. 1, 1998, web hosting service provider, 
Metrocity.net folded unexpectedly, leaving Tedrico's Page homeless and 
in desperate need of a new server home. The following day a newly 
revised and expanded Tedrico's Page, debuited under new web hosting 
services provided by Xoom.com, and over the next 5 months, saw as much 
as a 200% increase in site traffic bandwidth and equal growth in site 

     But that all came to end on Jul. 27, 1998, when Xoom.com CEO, Bruce 
Leverman, issued the administrative lockout and purging of the entire 
Tedrico's Page web site without any prior notification. Why was this 
tremendous online resource for the homeless so abruptly zapped from 
cyberspace? One would be better off asking the casting crew of "Unsolved 
Mysteries" because, when asked this same question by both webmaster 
Tedrico Latham, and nearly 300 concerned homeless advocates and 
non-profit organization figureheads, Xoom.com's CEO simply stated they 
were not at liberty to disclose the details of a supposed complaint 
issued against the Tedrico's Page web site. Immediately after that 
statement was released, all future e-mail inquiries bounced as a result 
of Xoom.com deliberately blocking anything that remotely appeared to be 
along the lines of rebuttal over this matter. Once again, Tedrico's Page 
was without a server home and no means of referring site visitors 
elsewhere. "This site would cease to exist altogether had it not been 
for the existence of backup copies of the site's pages", said a 
disgruntled Tedrico Latham.

     On Aug. 1, 1998, the pages of Tedrico's Page were uploaded to a new 
server directory, owned by Hypermart.net, a web hosting service provider 
that offers 10MBs of free storage space for commercial sites only. This 
posed a problem because Tedrico's Page is a non-profit site, and thus 
forced the reconstruction of the site's web architecture, which rendered 
the mega homelessness web site, merely one of several site examples 
listed under the "Example Site Design Portfolio" heading on the 
Tedrico's Page Web Page Design and Promotion Service homepage, which 
ended up being the commercial page for which the Hypermart.net account 
opened under.

     After 3 months of being under construction, Tedrico's Page is now 
fully operational again, as of Nov. 1, 1998, and has already reclaimed 
and surpassed the bandwidth point it held prior to its deletion from 
Xoom.com's server back in July, as evidenced by the 1500 visits its 
homepage received last Thursday. Tedrico Latham asks that all linked 
sites, please change the Tedrico's Page link listing URL to 
http://4homeless.hypermart.net, and he also would like to thank everyone 
for their continued support of "Tedrico's Page: Homelessness, 
Hitchhiking, Panhandling, and Homeless Programs"!

        Tedrico Latham
        P.O. Box 514
        Rich Square, NC 27869
        Tel: (252) 539-4228

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