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Sun, 30 May 1999 11:08:27 -0700 (PDT)

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Glue-sniffing:  One aspect of Nicaragua's desperate situation is the
growing number of street children, 70% of whom are addicted to glue.  The
major supplier of  solvent-based shoe glue is H.B. Fuller Company of
Minnesota, which ironically prides  itself on its record of corporate
responsibility.  California State Senate Majority Leader, Richard Polanco,
has taken on H.B. Fuller, and NICCA is supporting the campaign.  Please
read and send the enclosed letters to H.B. Fuller and to the California
Public Employees' Retirement System.  For more background information,
contact NICCA or consult or

Walter Kissling, CEO & President
H.B. Fuller
1200 Willow Lake Blvd., PO Box 64683
Badnais Heights, MN 55110

Dear Walter Kissling:

        As a person concerned about conditions in Central America, I have
become aware that H.B. Fuller continues to be the major supplier of
solvent-based glues which are highly addictive and abused by street
children in Central America.  The solvents in these glues are addictive and
toxic and lead to brain damage, unconsciousness and death.  Glue addiction
is cited by social organizations working in Central American cities as the
greatest single hurdle to getting children off the streets and into
productive life.  While H.B. Fuller is, of course, not responsible for the
desperate social conditions that lead children to want to inhale glue, you
do have the responsibility to follow through with the promise you made in
1992 to discontinue the sale of Resistol glue wherever it is being misused.

        Take solvent-based glues off the market once and for all.


                                                        (name, address)


California Public Employees' Retirement System
Lincoln Plaza - 400 P St..
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear CalPERS:
        It has come to my attention that CalPERS is a long-term major
stockholder in H.B. Fuller company.
        H.B. Fuller is the major supplier of toxic shoe glues in Central
America.  These glues are widely abused by homeless children.  So prevalent
is the use of H.B. Fuller glue that in Central America glue sniffing street
children are commonly referred to as "Resistoleros" for the Fuller name
brand "Resistol" glue.  The solvents in these glues are addictive and toxic
and lead to brain damage, unconsciousness and death.
        In 1992, H.B. Fuller announced that they would pull their solvent
based glues out of the Central America market wherever they were being
misused, but they have not done so, and the glue-sniffing epidemic
continues to grow.
        As a consumer, I intend to spread the word about the corporate
irresponsibility of H.B. Fuller.  I hope CalPERS will express concern to
H.B. Fuller regarding their business practices, and inform them about the
potential for a consumer boycott, shareholder intervention, and possible
legislative action.


                                                (name, address)

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